Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular among people who want to have lush, dark and longer eyelashes. Physical extensions can come in different materials and do not require surgically invasive procedures to apply. In addition to physical extensions, there are medications which can help grow your eyelashes, an example of this is Latisse.

Reviews from the Community

I was super excited - So Worth It! - Washington, DC

tons and tons of volume. Every time I get a facial or my eyebrows waxed, the esthetician always asks me if I'm either wearing false eyelashes or if I have eyelash extensions. When I tell them I use READ MORE

Short Stubby Lashes... Wanted to Feel More Beautiful!

I have always had average lashes. Now that eyelash extensions are becoming popular on the market, I have notices how women are looking more ravishing. I wanted to go about longer, thicker lashes in READ MORE

Started with Latisse - Vancouver, BC

I apply mascara, they're clearly longer. I'll post some photos once I hit the 16 week mark.

I used to get eyelash extensions, and had them for a couple of years. The biggest issue with them READ MORE

Happy - New York

husband noticed! I understand it's a cumulative effect, so after waiting two weeks I am going back to give it another go and will update here. Ps it probably didn't hurt to have some eyelash extensions done around the same time :)


Latisse Works... Unbelievable, Forget Eyelash Extensions - Denver, CO

I had gotten eyelash extensions in the past and it is 1) expensive 2) very uncomfortable 3) takes forever. I decided to try Latisse to grow out my lashes and thicken them without spending a ton of READ MORE

My Eyelashes Were Stubs After Having Extensions Removed. - Calgary, AB

I had eyelash extensions for 3 years. I was starting to have problems with the glue burning my right eyelid. It would be super itchy so I would scratch like crazy. Then I would lose a lot of lashes... thought it would be an eyelash but nothing was there. This happened about every 2 weeks. The only thing that would help was going to bed, and somehow it would work itself out by morning.
I finally got... brave enough to let them all fall out. I felt 'bald'. My eyelashes were about half the length as they were before I started getting extensions.
I started Careprost 2 months and 3 weeks ago and READ MORE

LATISSE Latisse Week 3! and Already Smiling! - Dubai, AE

eyelash extensions. At week 3 today, i can feel some of my eyelashes hit my face when i shut it, i see growth at the areas that had none, and overall very excited to see the lashes at week 24. I did... experience redness, puffyness, slight itching/dermatiatis near the crease of the eye, and alot more sensitiveness to bright light. But all of which the time i had my eyelash extensions removed and...

Been using latisse week 3 now, all thanks to the eyelash extension which in return gave me no eyelashes! At the start, alot like all of you i was skeptical but i was desperate after a years use of READ MORE

I Had Juvederm Injected in my Lips and Nasal Folds - Palo Alto, CA

the money spent, maybe the folds were better, but I really couldn't tell.. So again, not worth the cost. The best thing I did have done for this meeting was get eyelash extensions. Wow! They are READ MORE

Latisse - Worked for Me - Las Vegas, NV

I've been using Latisse for over 25 weeks now and I love it.

I decided to buy Latisse when I had gotten sick of paying $400 in eyelash extensions a month. Then after my eyelash extensions... were removed. I had little short stubby lashes left over from all the damage the eyelash extensions had caused.

It took around the 18th week till I saw the beautiful results I had desired READ MORE

I Love Latisse - improvement after 3 weeks - Shorewood, IL

I had resorted to eyelash extensions since my own lashes had become so thin and were falling out. That was very expensive; I required fill-ins every 7-10 days. Latisse changed all that. My READ MORE

Great to Use with Eyelash Extensions - Scottsdale, AZ

grow upwards and in weird angles).

I use it along with my eyelash extensions (individual synthetic and/or mink lashes applied to each of your own, like hair extensions)and it helps a lot READ MORE

Started Latisse After Extensions - California, CA

I'm just starting my Latisse, and have been using it for about a week.
I've had extensions for so long when I let them all come off I don't recognize myself in the mirror!
I am hoping it... starts working soon!
I posted a 'before' picture which was before I did extensions even, but the constant glue and extensions have left them even worse than that.
Hopefully I will see some... my lids, and I'm not seeing any help there, but hopefully as they get longer, I will be able to at least clamp them into an eyelash curler. (On that note, I have one and am using it for the first time READ MORE

Results Today Too! - Montreal (Westmount), Canada

I went into Victoria Park, in Westmount (Montreal), and the offered me a really interesting promotion. I was able to have eyelash extensions put on after my Latisse consult (for the touchup price... saving about $200) so I am going to my holiday xmas party with the results TODAY! When my lashes start to get the effect from Latisse (about 3 months), I can stop putting the extensions.

Since... great promotion (which was to put extensions on in the meanwhile). Now that the Latisse is working I am very excited. I have had no reactions, other than the product working (I may have to trim my lashes READ MORE

Latisse is Amazing. - San Diego, CA

This may be a premature post because I have only been using this for 2 weeks. I always had decent eyelashes, but with age....ugh, less of them and thinner. Eyelash extensions were costly and time READ MORE

Eyelash Extensions and Latisse Combo - Sherman Oaks, CA

I get lash extensions and latisse and they work well together and it's nice because I have instant gratification and perfectly tame lashes for big events and even look lashy surfing. I've... used both for two years.

Some ppl get discoloration from latisse and I tell them to get the extensions. I like the extensions better than latisse for big events bc they're more dramatic and READ MORE

I Used Latisse for 18 Months -Rancho Mirage, CA

off properly, so, Latisse didn't cause it). I applied a full set of eyelash extensions on the 25th of June and they looked good for most of the 1st week. Some curled, some pulled, some fell off in the... right eye. So, I bought Latisse again on the 17th of July. Started using it (despite of extensions being on, because I knew they were going to come off with some of mine or do some damage and needed... to prevent). I got the extensions removed on the 5th. They had taken about 25% of my real ones from the roots and all of the tips (so, a good 20% of the length was gone). Now, they are shorter..., squared... looks like I burned them a little. I started latisse about 20 days ago, so, my hope is that in 20 more days whatever is growing now, will show. I will post again. My advice: don't put extensions READ MORE

Rapidlash Vs Latisse - New York, NY

used eyelash extensions for almost a year. I loved them and got touchups every two weeks to keep them fresh. I would still use them if I hadn't moved to a smaller town where salons that do them... aren't as accessible. Once they fell off, my natural lashes were short and brittle, probably 1/3-1/2 the size of my original, god-given lashes I had had prior to the extensions. I was desperate to grow... extensions. I'm an instant gratification kind of person, so it's hard for me to wait for them to grow...but I will continue to track their progress. I've been using Rapidlash for 9-10 weeks. This is my progress (with makeup). READ MORE

It Works! Longer, Darker Fuller Lashes - but Didn't Help with "Curling" - Katy, TX

up discontinuing use and get eyelash extensions. The cost per month is the same. One thing I was told: Only ONE drop of the solution was plenty to do 2 eyes. This makes the bottle last longer, - about READ MORE

Good, but Not Great - Salt Lake City, UT

My eye lashes were really thick and dark to begin with, they were not super short, but they weren't as long as I would like them to be. I looked into getting eyelash extensions but those can... be quite pricey. So I decided to try Latisse before I got extensions. I used Latisse every night faithfully for about two months before I noticed any difference. They were a tiny bit longer, but not READ MORE

Jac - Canada

in my body. Some people blame it on too much makeup, however, not in my case. I decided to get eyelash extensions @ La Cascada Day spa in Niagara on the Lake, Ont. Nicole took before and after... started shedding eyelashes way more than usual, however at that time I thought it was because of my eyelash extensions, Nicole kept assuring me my eyelashes were getting healthier. Anyhow, I did some... little new lashes after 5 weeks, then after 6 weeks there were a lot more new growth.

I am so excited… However, I’m still getting regular treatment for eyelash extensions, but my... new eyelashes are coming in strong. After 4 months I will get rid of the eyelash extensions and give you an after picture. That’s all I can do at this point. I hope this helps.