61 year old female requesting treatment for her sagging jaw line and neck

*Treatment results may vary

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Before: Age 61. Patient was concerned about sagging of her cheeks, jaw line and neck. At the same time she was fearful of having a pulled windblown look. At the consultation, various types of face lift options were discussed and I advised her that the results shown for Life Style lift as well as other forms of mini face lifts would not accomplish her goals and that in fact she could end up having a pulled look because they don’t sufficiently address the deeper structures of the face that have sagged. They primarily pull the skin which can’t give a durable result. Once she understood the benefit of a Multi Level Face Lift, also known as Deep Plane Face Lifts, where the deeper structures (muscles) are lifted, and not the skin, she elected to go this route. Yes, there was a 10 to 14 day downtime and the expense was greater than that for a mini face lift but 7 years later (see additional photos) her results have stood the test of time. After: 3 months after a Deep Plane Face Lift (Multi Level). Also 7 years later. Note natural lifting of her jaw line and neck. The incisions are hidden and her natural hair line has been maintained. On the following images, you can see that 7 years later, her results have remained nearly the same. She doesn’t have the windblown wind tunnel look one can often see from mini lifts such as the Life Style Lift. She came back 7 years later to maintain her results by replacing lost facial volume in her cheeks with long lasting Scultra Injections.