Breast Augmentation

*Treatment results may vary

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The 41-year-old patient concerned with the small and drooping appearance of her breasts. This mother of one had a pre-pregnancy bra size of 34B. During the pregnancy her breasts had grown to 36DD which the patient felt was entirely too big for her frame and stretched the breast tissue significantly leaving her with a drooping, underfilled appearance. The patient hoped to be a full C to small D cup through bilateral breast augmentation. Dr. Reedy was able to achieve result using moderate plus profile saline implants. The right breast was 375 cc implant filled to 435 cc, while the left breast was a 375 cc implant filled to 450 cc. By doing this, Dr. Reedy achieved symmetry for the patient. This 5’7”, 118 pound patient is now wearing a 34D postoperatively.