MTF Breast Augmentation

*Treatment results may vary

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Patient is a tall, broad, 56-year-old, male-to-female transgender woman who desired natural-appearing, full “C-cup” breasts. She wore silicone prostheses and wished to have natural fullness. She understood that her size would be limited by her anatomy. We discussed the risks and benefits for both saline and silicone implants, as well as implant placement above versus below the pectoralis muscle. Due to the fact that she desired a rather large breast size and also had large, thicker pectoralis muscles, decision to perform saline implants in the subglandular plane (above the muscle) was made. She had Mentor, Smooth, Round, Moderate Profile Plus (MPP) Saline Implants (both sides filled to 540 cc sterile saline) via inframammary incisions. Of note, she also had some lipomas of the chestwall that would be removed at a later date.