44yr Old Looking to Further my Journey - Reading, PA

1st consult scheduled for 11.2.2016. I'm 44,...

1st consult scheduled for 11.2.2016.

I'm 44, 6'0 195lbs. I'm currently around a 38B/36C. I've been on hormone therapy for almost 19months and my lack of breast size has been a major source of dysphoria for me.

Due to my height and upper body size I am looking for 800cc cohesive gel implants. We'll see what the doctor has to say about it.

1st consult is in the books.

Had a great consult with Dr. Reedy and his assistant Stephanie.

Went over my information and they were impressed by what I knew.

When all was said and done, they confirmed by original guesstimate was spot on.

800cc HP cohesive gel!!

I really liked them and may stick with them.

Scheduled my surgery date!!!


Deposit has been made.

I did it. After going back and forth between Erin the doctor in a barrage or emails, I pulled the trigger and put down my deposit. I don't have all the cash raised as of yet but I have faith it'll all work out.

Doctor is requiring three things prior to surgery. A mammogram (this should be an adventure unto itself), a EKG and a CBC. Working to get those done. (CBC has to be done 30 days prior)

The one thing that impressed me was the doctor's honesty. I had forwarded wish pics and he basically set me straight. Since my body type is it the same as most women it was impractical to compare myself to certain results. I was taken back at first but after getting my Google-fu on, I was able to find some regulars that matched my tempered expectations.

Will I end up with 800cc? Dr. says he will
Make the call when I'm on the operating table.

9 weeks to go!!

Updated wish pic.


This site should allow you to edit your posts. I'd like to go back and fix some typos but it won't let me.

6 weeks to go!

Can't believe that in 25 days I'll have my pre-op and in 42 days I'll have boobs!

Happy early birthday present to meeeeee!!!

Cleared for Surgery

Last week had my mammogram and CBC labs, yesterday was EKG day. My primary cleared me for boobages.

So excited. 20 days to go. Monday is the pre-op.


Surgical Pre-Op done.

Went over the thees and thous. Signed my life away. Dr. says 770 should work but will order the 695 just in case.

Final payment was made and we are ready to go.

17 more days.
Reading Plastic Surgeon

So far Doctor Reedy's staff has been awesome.

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