Smile + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Possible on a Hook Nose?

I am very insecure about my nose. It has gotten to a point where I can't bear to talk to someone without thinking they are staring at the hump, or... READ MORE

How Does Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Work?

How does it work? If I want to define my tip and narrow my nose from the front view not to have so much flare when I smile. Would this work for me? My... READ MORE

My nasal tip droops when I smile and becomes pointy. Will a non surgical nose job help me? (photos)

My nasal tip droops when I smile and becomes pointy. I like my nose when I'm not smiling, but in pictures and when I smile the tip gets pulled down... READ MORE

Warned Against Rhinoplasty Revision, but Can I Get Injectable Fillers?

I had a nose job years ago..I was awake because he did not need to do the brige..He pulled out some bone so my nose would not point out when I smiled... READ MORE

Can my hanging collumella be corrected with a simple procedure under local anesthesia? (photo)

I realize it is difficult to tell from a photo but I'm wondering if it possible for my hanging collumella to be corrected with a simple procedure... READ MORE

Can a non-surgical nose job make your nose look smaller from the front?

When I mean smaller, I mean to say in a way that when you smile your cartilage won't spread out. Will the injection make the cartilage or nose itself... READ MORE

Would Some Filler in my Bridge Give my Nose More Support when I Smile?

I have been thinking about a nonsurgical nose job. As you can see from the profile where I am not smiling, my bridge is a bit crooked. When I smile,... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Non-surgical Rhinoplasty? My Nose Takes Away from my Features.

It looks very big when I smile and "puffs". I don't mind my slight droop but wish my nose was slimmer overall. I'm fine with it from the side profile... READ MORE

I would like to get a non surgical nose job. I have heard that fillers and botox are the two options. (photos)

Which one should I get? I like how my nose looks in the front, but I feel like it doesnt look as good on the side, especially when I smile. What... READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce a drooping tip without surgery? Could topical application of hyaluronic acid help?

The tip of my nose droops when I smile. Furthermore, my lip pulls back my nose when I smile. What are some possible solutions to this problem? I read... READ MORE

I have a drooping tip that is even droopier when I smile - wondering if I am a candidate for non-surgical options? (Photo)

I am a woman in my mid-twenties. My nose has several flaws but the only one that bothers me enough to consider surgery is my drooping tip. I am too... READ MORE

What can be done to get a slimmer more symmetric nose/nose tip? (photo)

I have a bulbous nose tip and on one side I have fallen cartilage. In the image I have makeup on so it isn't shown very well. When I smile my nose... READ MORE

What can be done surgically or otherwise to reduce nostril flare when I smile. (Photos)

I like my nose when I'm not smiling but when I smile my nostrils look much larger. I notice when some people smile their nostrils do not change while... READ MORE

What's the best filler for a broken nose/dorsal hump?

I have a broken nose and my nose droops when I smile too. When I look at my profile I have a big bump too. What filler would be the best for my nose.... READ MORE

Will non surgical rhinoplasty give my desired result? (Photo)

I like having a big nose. i find that when i am expressionless it complements my other features and fits well on my face. plus everyone knows me for... READ MORE

Are there are any non surgical procedures that can lengthen the tip of my nose? (Photo)

I did a rhinoplasty when I was 18 years old and now I am 22. Before getting my nose done it was small to begin with, but I didn't like the fact that... READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for non-surgical rhinoplasty to fix a droopy tip? (Photos)

I do not like how my tip droops so much. It lacks definition and when I smile it droops down even more. Would I be able to get a dermal filler in the... READ MORE

What can I do about my board/wide nose?

Have a good looking face ...damn, i had a problem withmy nose is so's make my smile worst and so bad....sir,what should i have do forma... READ MORE

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