Long-lasting + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Polyamide Gel for Nose Fillers. What's Safe and Lasting? Any Risks?

Hi Doctors, I'm interested in getting a nose fillers. What do you guys think about polyamide gel for nose fillers and does it really last for... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Maintain a Consistent Look with a Non-surgical Rhinoplasty?

I had been having restylane injections to correct asymmetry and low bridge following a rhinoplasty many years ago. Initially I was happy with the... READ MORE

Is polyacrylamide gel (outline/beautical brand dermal filler) safe for non-surgical rhinoplasty?

Based on searches I found, it is said to be formulated to last twice as long compared to the current temporary dermal fillers out in the market today.... READ MORE

Are there any qualified doctors in California who perform this type of procedure?And around how much would it cost?

I live in NorthernCalifornia & have finally saved up enough for this procedure,I'd like to find a dr who'll use Radiesse the 1st time for a... READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job (Artefill, Restylane etc)

I read the article said that , Artefill or restylane etc, it might shift to another position. so if Artefill to shift to another position, people will... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for non surgical nose job and how long does it last? (Photo)

I am not interested in narrowing my nostril or making the tip smaller. It appears that I don't have a bridge and there's a bump in the middle when I... READ MORE

What to get a long lasting Non Surgical Nose Job (very determined!)? I have so many questions below, please have a look (Photo)

1. What kind of filler is best for a long lasting one? 2. How much are they normally cost? (for my nose description below of what i need on my nose) 3... READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job - which fillers are the safest and last longest? (Photo)

I have a huge desire to fix small defects on my nose. Which fillers are the safest and last longest? I would like to fill up the space up close to... READ MORE

Low HA filler volume injected. How long will it last and will I get back to my original nose without damage?

I had a bad non surgical nose job and decided not to use hyaluronidase as I didn't find a reliable doctor in my city. I had 0.25 ml injected in the... READ MORE

I am a good candidate for No-Surgical Nose Job and Chin Fillers? (photos)

One of the pictures is how my nose and chin look right now, and the other is the results I would like to achieve. Could I achieve this results with... READ MORE

Nose filler options?

Earlier this year I got Juvederm Voluma fillers injected into my nose which is "hooked" shaped. The filler changed it completely and I was very happy... READ MORE

How long does perlane last in the nose the first time you get a non surgical nose job procedure done?

I had a non surgical nose job using perlane about 3 months ago an the results are still looking pretty good. I was wondering how long will this... READ MORE

Best and longest lasting nose filler?

Hi, I have a small hump on my nose and wanted to know if voluma is that best flyer for it. I had restayln done, but that only lasted less than a month... READ MORE

What is the longest lasting filler for non surgical rhinoplasty that won't migrate?

I can tell that my revision still left me with a curved look. The top right has a slight bulge, the right side of the nose tip is slightly flat... READ MORE

What's the best solution to slight bump caused (probably) by glasses? (Photo)

Hello, having worn glasses my whole life I've never really seen my nose from the side, it wasn't until last year that I realized I have a bump on my... READ MORE

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