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Is it Normal for Necklift Results to Look Worse After 2 Weeks Before Improving?

One day after having a face/necklift, to improve upper neck banding, my results looked good with very little brusing and swelling. My neck looked... READ MORE

How long should I wear chin strap after neck lift?

Is there an advantage to wearing the chin strap for 4-6 weeks after neck lift surgery? I'm 17 days post-op and have been advised to wear this chin... READ MORE

Post Op Necklift - Concerned About the Results, Are The Lumps and Ridges Normal 2 Weeks Out?

I am a middle age white male in good health. I am 2 weeks post op from a neck lift and I had the normal bruising and swelling in my neck which... READ MORE

Puckering on Chin Incision 2 Weeks Post Op, Will It Smooth Out?

I am two weeks out from neck lift surgery. Behind my chin incision, I have deep puckering to my neck. I think this was a traditional lift as he cut me... READ MORE

I had a face lift, neck lift and top and bottom of eyes done. It's been two weeks and everywhere is still really bad. (Photo)

It is now two weeks and S you can see my face is really bad, when can I expect to return to work. The bruising, swelling and dis coloring is horrendous. READ MORE

Why Do I Have a Rope Like Scar on Neck Where Drains Were After Neck Lift? Also Neck is Very Tight and I Cannot Look Up.

The Jackson Pratt drains were in for a week and where the tubes were is now a ridge around the front of my neck. There is a little fluid but mostly it... READ MORE

Pain Behind Ears and Along Neck Muscles?

I an 2 weeks post necklift. The sternocleidomuscles on both sides of neck are swollen and painful, especially behind the ears. Is this normal? READ MORE

Neck Sculpting Swelling? (photo)

38 yr male. “neck sculpting W/pull back” & chin work done 15 days back. Swelling gone down substantially from cheeks. But still feel swelling (se... READ MORE

I have a rope like scar on back of ear after neck lift. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm 12 days post-op after neck lift. Behind my one ear is not bad, but the other one has ropelike scars that I can't see going away on their own.... READ MORE

Bumpy Lump Under the Chin After Lipectomy with Platysmaplasty?

I had a submental lipectomy and platysmaplasty two weeks ago. Healing was great until a few days ago; I now have a swollen, hard, bumpy lump right... READ MORE

2 Pockets of Soft Skin Under Chin Either Side of the Center After Neck Lift

I am 2 weeks post neck lift and a fit 61 year old. Under my chin and either side of the center there is a pocket of soft skin. I realize it is early... READ MORE

Will This Loss of Range of Motion (Side to Side and Especially Not Able to Look Up) Go Away?

I am 17 days post-op from a neck lift with liposuction. I am a healthy 47 year old. I feel like I am constantly being strangled. I can barely look up... READ MORE

12 days post op, submandibular glands are already starting to sag after neck lifts. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm 12 days post-op and have worn a neck brace every day and night. I did the neck lift as my submandibular glands were hanging very low. My surgeon... READ MORE

2 weeks, 3 days post neck/facelift. Super unhappy! (Photo)

I am 2 weeks and 2 days post lower face and neck lift with fat grafting. I was happy until a few days ago. The more the swelling goes down, the more... READ MORE

Is total numbness after a neck lift to be expected as my PS said? Can I do anything to hasten nerve repair? (Photo)

Post op 13 days. Numb from below chin including the upper 2/3 of my entire neck, front and back of ears, and top half of right ear all completely numb... READ MORE

Cutting the suture at neck?

I had a platysmaplasty and S-lift 15 days ago. The swelling is gone but my left ear and both sides of my face are numb, and I'm left with an extremely... READ MORE

I have a large squishy lump under chin on left and right hand side of neck, 2 weeks after a neck lift. Any suggestions? (photo)

14 days ago I had a neck lift. I now have a large lump under my chin which is very visable. The left side is slightly smaller and harder, but the... READ MORE

Swollen glands 2 weeks after Neck Lift.

It has been 2 weeks since my neck lift . 2 days ago I developed a swollen and very painful gland on my right side on the jaw line . My ps is out of... READ MORE

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