Post Op Necklift - Concerned About the Results, Are The Lumps and Ridges Normal 2 Weeks Out?

I am a middle age white male in good health. I am 2 weeks post op from a neck lift and I had the normal bruising and swelling in my neck which subsided within a week. All except for some lumpy spots under my chin which are still visible and hard to the touch. I don't have any pain or excessive tightness but I have those unsightly lumps and I also have very noticable ridges behind my ears. Is this normal, if not what type of follow up care should I pursue?

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Lumpiness 2 weeks after Necklift

Uneven contours during the early stages of the recovery can be normal and may totally resolve. I would recommend that you talk to your surgeon who will be able to guide and reassure you best during your further stages of recovery.

Worcester Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lumpiness after a neck lift

Swelling and lumpiness can last for a couple of months following a neck lift. Most of the visible swelling and lumpiness should resolve within 2-3 weeks but you can feel firmness and bumps for a couple of months. I'm not certain what is causing the ridge behind your ear. If you had a drain placed after surgery the drain can cause a little ridge in the skin which settles after a couple of weeks. I would follow up with your surgeon and make sure that you are compliant with his instructions.

Todd C. Miller, MD
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Lumps and Ridges after a Neck Lift

It is not uncommon to have some bruising and lumpiness early after a neck lift.  There is usually some residual swelling at the lowest areas of the neck.  Occasionally bruising will extend even down into the upper chest.  Another area where there may be some firmness is the area directly below the chin.  I am not sure about the ridges behind the ears.  You should make sure that you follow up with your surgeon and voice your concerns. 

Michael Sundine, MD
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Lumpiness after face/necklifts can be a normal part of healing

Face and necklifts commonly look good by 10 days-2 weeks, but have residual firmness and minor lumpiness for 2-4 months. 


If your lumpiness seems to be worse over time rather than better, contact your surgeon for an exam.   

Laxmeesh Mike Nayak, MD
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Necklift and lumpy spots

Facelift or Necklift takes some time to soften, however, given that it has only been two weeks, it is a good idea to notify your doctor about this. Sometimes stitches or fluid can cause this.

Jeff Scott, MD
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