Craters + Mole Removal

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I removed a Mole using Apple Cider Vinegar. Now I have a pink scar/crater. What will make this scar look normal again? (photo)

I got a scar from removing a mole using Apple Cider Vinegar. It resulted in creating a crater. A scab formed which eventually came off resulting in a... READ MORE

How Likely Is An Indented Scar After Biopsy Of Sabaceous Hyperplasia?

I have a small, pin-had sized sabaceous hyperplasia on the tip of my nose. I have been advised that a shave biopsy can be performed to remove the lump... READ MORE

I Have a Horrible Nose Scar After Mole Removal? (photo)

I went to a derm and he remove my mole but ended up with a huge scar that looks like a crater and made me very disappointed by the outcome. Is it... READ MORE

Question About Mole Removal Crater? (photo)

Okay Docs, I really need your help. I got two moles removed, from my face. 1 on my jawline, and one on my cheek. One the size of a pea. and one just a... READ MORE

Mole that has split skin now have hole or crater. What to do? (photos)

Mole that has split skin now have hole or crater, never did anything, must of split during sleep. It scabs up with dried blood and doesn't seem to be... READ MORE

Can I get my mole removed without leaving a huge crater? (photo)

I was born with this I guess it starte out as a slightly raised shiny spot on my nose and gradually grew. When I was 9 my dermatologist told me if I... READ MORE

Will they heal with an almost unnoticeable scar?

I removed two really small moles on my chin (around 2mm in diameter at most) using castor oil and baking soda. Within the first week, scabs formed and... READ MORE

I have a crater on my skin after doing ACV mole removal... Will it fill up or will I have a hole forever???? (photos)

I did the ACV mole removal on a dark flat-slightly raised mole on my cheekbone. I tried to keep it clean and used an ointment and aloe Vera to help... READ MORE

Hi doc, can you tell me what to do now? Should stop using Acv , has the mole gone or have I removed only a part of it? (photos)

I read about Apple Cider Vinegar and everybody's experiences so I thought of doing this on a mole dark brown in colour over my upper lip which I had... READ MORE

I got laser mole removal 2 1/2 weeks ago and have a "crater " now. (photos)

Will it fill in? How long will it take? Does Retin A and chemical peels help the healing process? What are my options to correct? Too early for... READ MORE

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