Question About Mole Removal Crater? (photo)

Okay Docs, I really need your help. I got two moles removed, from my face. 1 on my jawline, and one on my cheek. One the size of a pea. and one just a little bit smaller then a penny, but flat. on my cheek. One i'm most concerned about. but another one could use some help too. The one on my cheek that I got removed Left a visible crater. Picture shown, but not visible as face to face. Any lasers? scar removal, anything. I want it to be level with the rest of my skin. pigmented is fine. but leveled

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Mole removal

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In this situation, it may be best to do a scar revision by completely surgically excising the scar and making a new incision.  It is important to follow through with post-care as this will help the scar heal as best as possible.  

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Large crater from mole removal

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In order to correct this large crater from your prior removal, you are going to need to seek a corrective procedure from a dermatologic surgeon. That area needs to be re-excised and a small stitch will be put in to close it. While some people are more prone to scarring, it is imperative that you follow good post wound care to get the scar as minimized as possible. This divet is largely due to the fact that a scab formed in the removal site and when the scab fell off, the new skin was under it, but hadn't raised to the surface so you were left with a divet. Had the site been cleaned and keep gooped up with Vaseline, Aquaphor, Polysporin, etc. the new skin would have risen to the surface and you would have had a smoother, more even mark. Make sure that if you have any procedures in the future you don't let them dry out and form scabs. 

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