I removed a Mole using Apple Cider Vinegar. Now I have a pink scar/crater. What will make this scar look normal again? (photo)

I got a scar from removing a mole using Apple Cider Vinegar. It resulted in creating a crater. A scab formed which eventually came off resulting in a pink scar. Before, the scar was concave and pink. Now it has darkened over two weeks the edges are even darker (purple color) creating a dark ring. Why are the edges so dark? Is it hyperpigmentation or melanin? Please advise if this is part of the normal healing process and if you have any recommendations at this early stage of scarring.

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Burned off my own forhead mole!

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I admire your self-sufficiency but I wish you had seen a doctor.
You have a chemical burn on your face from the vinegar. 

The 'crater' is where your skin was burned deepest.
The pink color is from new blood vessels trying to heal the burn. 
The brown is post-traumatic hyper-pigmentation in the less deeply burned skin. 

The brown comes from over-active melanocytes, making melanin.

Surgery is not a do-it-yourself hobby - unless you are a trained surgeon.
Leave your burn alone. Apply a little Aquaphor if it is dry. Protect it from the sun.
In six months, see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon if you wish to try to improve the scar.
But no one can erase this scar from your face.

I am REALLY sorry this happened. Please please don't do it again!

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