I Have a Horrible Nose Scar After Mole Removal? (photo)

I went to a derm and he remove my mole but ended up with a huge scar that looks like a crater and made me very disappointed by the outcome. Is it possible to at least reduce the shadowing of the scar? or am i just screwed and need extensive therapy lol.

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Treatment Options for Scar after Mole Removal

Talk to your doctor about your concerns and see what can be done. Generally, it takes about 6-12 months to get the final cosmetic result after any procedure so it might improve with time. If the scar is indented, possible options include dermabrasion, soft-tissue fillers and lasers/light sources. Dermabrasion or scarabrasion can soften the edges of the "crater" in the same way that dermabrasion can be used for some acne scarring. Some might use a laser (e.g. CO2 or Erbium YAg or Fraxel-like) rather than mechanical scarabrasion. Soft-tissue fillers can lift the bottom of the depressed scar so there is less contrast to the surrounding skin. Soft-tissue fillers tend to be temporary so another treatment would likely be necessary in 9-12 months. Lasers or light sources can be used in a non-ablative (no damage to the skin surface) fashion to stimulate some collagen formation and decrease the depression to the scar. One or a combination of these options might work for you. Talk to your doctor, and of course, if you're not satisfied with the answer seek a second physician with a specialist who performs a lot of the procedures that I mentioned. Good luck.

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Mole removal

You may need a little more time for the scar to fully heal, approximately 6-12 months.  Laser resurfacing may be enough to improve the appearance of the scar.  

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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Nose scar after mole removal

This scar will get better with time. It doesn't look very bad. I would suggest laser resurfacing. A geometric line excision and closure would be another option.

Philip Young, MD
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