4 Days Post-op + Mole Removal

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My Dissolvable Stitches Are Coming Apart, but I Only Had the Procedure Done 4 Days Ago. Normal? (photo)

I had three moles removed 4 days ago, I was told the stitches would not dissolve for 10 to 14 days. It is only four days since the procedure, and the... READ MORE

What Should I Do with Hair Growing from Mole Removal Wound?

Four days ago I had a mole removed from my face. I am doing the right thing and covering the wound with vaseline and band aids. The mole used to have... READ MORE

How Should It Look After a Shave Mole Removal in my Forehead?

I had a mole in my forhead that I recently got removed 4 days ago by shave procedure. How should my forehead look after that to me it looks brown.... READ MORE

Is my mole removal wound infected or irritated? (Photo)

I had a mole removal on my chest area up by the left clavicle area 4 days ago. I had some itchiness and a burning feeling. I decided to take the... READ MORE

Will This Leave a Serious Infection? or Cancer? (photo)

I took it off about a week and 4 days ago .. and it's all black from the sides and inside also it's kinda red inside, will this leave a serious scar?... READ MORE

How Long Do Moles Take to Drop Off?

I went to a salon 4 days ago to remove moles on my face however they said after 4-5 days the moles would dry an drop off, i havent seen a change... READ MORE

Is this infection or just healing skin? (Photo)

I had a mole removed 4 days ago. I've kept petroleum jelly on it and covered with a bandage (there is irritation around the spot from all the band... READ MORE

Is this normal? Infection? (photos)

I got 4 moles removed about 4 days ago. He numbed the mole with an injection then shaved it off. He then put silver nitrate on them and some... READ MORE

Had moles shaved. It's been 4 days and it looks like the moles are still there. Any advice?

So I had some facial moles shaved it's been 4 days and it still looks like the moles r still there?? Any advice please☺️ READ MORE

Continued and increasing pain after mole removal. What should I do?

I had a mole on my shoulder blade shaved 4 days ago. I have followed the doctor's instruction and cleaned with soap and water, applied Neosporin and... READ MORE

Is this normal? Will the bump flatten out when I get my stitches out or will I have to have this shaved?

Hi! I had a flesh colored mole removed from the crease of my nose that I've had since I was about 6 yrs old(I'm 26 now). The surgeon used a scalpel... READ MORE

Had planar mole removed and now I can barely walk. (Photo)

About 4 days ago I had a mole on the bottom of my foot removed. I was instructed by my doctor to wash my foot about 3 times a day and apply an... READ MORE

I got my mole removed 4 days ago and I was wondering if it looks infected. What should I do if it is? (Photo)

The doctor told me to just clean it with water and put a bandage on it, 2x a day. I asked him if i should apply anything on it and he said "just put... READ MORE

Infected mole removal spot? (Photo)

Had mole removed 4 days ago and am still having some tenderness and pain around the area. I was wondering if you thought it looked infected? READ MORE

Will redness surrounding scar from mole removal dissipate? (Photo)

I got mole removed by dermatologist this past Wednesday and I have been applying Vaseline and banaids to keep it mosit. Mos of them are perfect but... READ MORE

Elliptical excision mole removal: what would happen if I don't clean the wound?

I had an elliptical excision mole removal on my thigh on Tuesday and I was told to clean the wound everyday starting on Thursday until the day the... READ MORE

Had mole removed - concerned about healing and appearance. (photos)

Had mole removed. Not sure how, but it was quick and done on first visit. Left w what looks like a poc mark scar. In the photo it's not as dark in... READ MORE

Two moles shaved off my face 4 days ago: One near mouth - Will the scar heal well?

Will my scar heal nicely, and if so how soon should i expect to see improvement? or will i be scared for life? Also its been 4 days since my moles... READ MORE

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