My Dissolvable Stitches Are Coming Apart, but I Only Had the Procedure Done 4 Days Ago. Normal? (photo)

I had three moles removed 4 days ago, I was told the stitches would not dissolve for 10 to 14 days. It is only four days since the procedure, and the knots in the stitches are coming apart and no longer holding the incision together. Is this normal? or do I need to go get it stitched back together? I had a total of 3 moles removed, but this specific one is on the top of my left hand/wrist.

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Mole removal

I would highly recommend that you see your physician for follow-up regarding your concerns.  Steri-strips may be applied to help ease the tension as the incision heals.

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Absorbable sutures coming out too early?

Some doctors like to use absorbable sutures in their skin surface closure so that the patient doesn't have to return for suture removal. This might work in some areas where there is little tension (e.g. eyelids or ears) but may not be a good option where there might be tension (e.g. over joints). The fact that the wound is separating would suggest that you should contact you doctor and have him/her evaluate the wound to determine the appropriate course of action. Good luck.

Andrew Kaufman, MD
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Stiches coming out

Absorbable sutures tend to absorb at different rates in different patients.  At four days it is unlikely that they are absorbing.  It is possible that the knot is just not holding.  I would suggest talking to your physician and see if he/she would like to steri-strip the wound for a little extra holding power.  I do not use absorbable sutures for skin closure in my office because of the unpredictable nature of the material and the fact that sometimes sutures need to be left in a little longer or a little less long depending on the patient and the location of the wound or excision.  It is my preference to use a permanent suture and then determine when the best time is to remove them.  I have had patients come in for suture removal at 7 days and elected to leave them in for a few more days.  Absorbable sutures do not give me that option.  Bottom-line, talk to your doctor.

Jay S. Gottlieb, DO
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Mole removal and stitches coming undone 4 days later

Absorbable sutures should not come undone at 4 days. Also with the incision spreading, the possibility is that this will lead to a less than desirable outcome. Usually there are deep stitches to prevent spreading and also to decrease wound tension and improve future healing.

Philip Young, MD
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