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Gynecomastia On One Side. What Can I Do? (photo)

I do have one sided gynecomastia problem i.e on right side of my chest. i feel i had it after my mother once pinched on my chest all of sudden... READ MORE

Uneven Chest After Gynecomastia Surgery

Cost $7000 - Had Gynecomastia surgery 5-6 months ago, 2 weeks after surgery i noticed the right side of my chest clearly larger then the left. 5... READ MORE

Puffy Nipples Month After Gynecomastia Surgery, Is This Normal? (photo)

Hi, i had gyno surgery 4 weeks ago now on both sides via lipo & incision, i have noticed a big difference in the right areola as it is only a... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Gone Wrong. What to Do? (photo)

I had a Gynecomastia late last year and the results are everything but satisfactory. My left side is larger/fatter than the other side, the skin is... READ MORE

Why Does One Side of my Chest Look Larger Than the Other Side After Gynecomastia Surgery? (photo)

On 09/10/2012 I had Gynecomastia Surgery+ Liposuction. After surgery I had a Jackson-Pratt drain attached to both my sides. The left side of my chest... READ MORE

What if It is Only One Nipple?

I have gynocomastia in only one nipple and I've had it for a long time and it won't go away. READ MORE

Is my Pectoral Muscle, And/or my Shoulders Deformed? (photo)

Hello Doc's! It always seemed to me that my upper body was a bit deformed, because I seemed to have a left pec but no right one. So now, I have... READ MORE

Is this chest indent or some muscular problem after Gynecomastia surgery ? Will it grow evenly if I workout?

I had a gynocoemastia surgery two years ago. Currently 90 Pounds but a few problems. My nipples look really bad. I want to have an shredded body but... READ MORE

Is this a serious case of gyno? (photos)

Hi, i am 22 year old, the gyno appears when i was teenager(FAT) and since then its been a nightmare, i examine my breast and i find soft lumps under... READ MORE

One Side Bigger then Other - Post Gynecomastia Plastic Surgery?

Hi. my surgery was 10 days ago. all went great. respected all the rules. one side appears bigger then the other. i had this breast unequal in size... READ MORE

Uneven chest skin after gynecomastia surgery? (photo)

Hi docs! 26 days ago i had gynecomastia surgery! But something is not ok! I think i had too much liposuction on my chest... I lost its contour! Its... READ MORE

Male Breast Reduction -- Uneven Results

What is the chance of uneven breasts for men after a male breast reduction? How many months after the original surgery is the final result apparent?... READ MORE

1 Month Male Breast Reduction Post-Operative Concerns? (photo)

Hello, My surgery included ultrasonic lipo and excision via the armpit. My main concerns are these: 1) The left nipple is darker than the right. Will... READ MORE

Right Chest is Still Bigger After Gynochomestia Surgery...

I had gynocomestia surgery on both chest 18 days back .i had a bigger right chest before surgery. now even after surgery my right chest is really... READ MORE

PO 11 Days, Uneven Chest From Fluid, Normal?

Hi, i had gyno surgery 11 days ago and now i'm so uncomfortable, one of my chest has hematoma and the doc drained two times and i still have jelly... READ MORE

I got fat on one side of my chest overnight?

I've been working out on my chest a lot lately, I was starting to get nice pecs, but this morning I woke up, and I noticed that I have a lot more fat... READ MORE

Abdominal Liposuction and Gynecomastia? (photo)

5 weeks ago I made abdominal liposuction and gynecomastia surgery. My plastic surgeon said that he removed 2.7 kg of fat.Things went fine until I... READ MORE

The left side of my chest is big and the right side is small. What can I do?

I am a male. my age is 21. My left breast has been tough meat clotting . These reasons it can be seen on the left side big and the right side of the... READ MORE

10 Weeks Post Gynocomastia Surgery, Puffy and Uneven Chest with Hard Tissue, 27 Year Old Male? (photo)

All pics are post surgery. Pre surgery the breasts drooped with the left side drooping more. The left side is drooping again Surgery: lipo, breast... READ MORE

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