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4 weeks post op, my nipple is folding. Does such nipple crease actually go away with time? (photo)

My left nipple was creased since day 1 post op. My doctor said that it is normal and will improve with time. Now it is almost 4 weeks and I feel that... READ MORE

After my Son's Gynocomastia Surgery His Nipples Creased and One of Them is a Bit Puffy. Can Something Be Done for This?

After my Son's Gynocomastia Surgery His Nipples Creased and One of Them is a Bit Puffy. Can Something Be Done for This? READ MORE

Gyno surgery post-op nipple disfiguration. How do I make them not caved / creased? (Photo)

Hi Doc! I had Lipo + Excision on my puffy nipples. I am 2 days post op. I am scared - Please look at my nipples and you will see that they are all... READ MORE

Crease/wrinkles not going away after gyno surgery. Can this be fixed? I'm 6 months post op (Photo)

Hi There, I got my Gyno surgery for fat removal ( lipo ) and gland excision done about 6 months ago. The surgery was more of a Lipo as I had loose fat... READ MORE

Folded/creased nipple post-op. Reason for concern? (Photo)

Hi Docs, I'm about seven months post-op, and I've noticed irregularities with my left nipple. Is this just a part of the healing process, or is it... READ MORE

Gynecomastia surgery results - worried about swelling and creases. Is this likely to calm down and look normal? (Photo)

I had gynecomastia surgery 5 weeks ago. The left side has calmed down but on the right side I'm swollen, the tissue is extremely hard below the skin... READ MORE

Creasing After Gynecomastia Surgery (6 weeks post-op), What Could Be Causing This? (photos)

It was been 6 weeks since I performed my gynecomastia surgery and creasing has began to occur on the right side of my chest. There is a small lump... READ MORE

There is a crease in my right nipple after liposuction. Will this correct itself or will I need fat transfer surgery?

I had Gynecomastia surgery and liposuction on 11-14-2014. I had revision surgery on 11-10-2015 (liposuction only) READ MORE

What can I do or what procedure can I do to help fix the creases on the side of my chest? (Photos)

In 2011, I decided to get the gynecomastia surgery done. Which the tissue was the size of a golf ball on both breast. He also removed fat from my... READ MORE

11 days gynecomastia post-op and nipples look great. What are the chances of them inverting or concaving in?

My steri steps just fell off yesterday and I could not be happier with the way my nipples look so far. I read a lot that people nipples concave or... READ MORE

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