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When Can You Sleep on Your Tummy After Lipo?

I am Day 7 and do not normally sleep on my back. I usually sleep on my tummy. I only had lower abs done, with about 150-200 cc removed. READ MORE

Does Sleeping on my Side Affect Liposuction Healing?

Hi, sorry for yet another question haha. Does sleeping on one's side affect the outcome or healing of liposuction? I don't wear my garment... READ MORE

What is the Best Position to Sleep After my Tumescent Liposuction of Abdomen and Flanks?

I recently had tumescent liposuction of the upper and lower abdomen and flanks. I also had fat transfer/butt lift. How should I be sleeping, the after... READ MORE

What will IV sedation feel like? Will it put you to sleep or will you still be awake?

I'm considering using IV sedation for my surgery but I don't want to be asleep during the procedure. Does it make you sleep or just relax you but you... READ MORE

Sleeping on Side After Love Handle Lipo?

I am 5 days recovery since having liposuction on my love handle areas. I feel great and bruising is not too bad. The problem is I can only sleep on my... READ MORE

What are all the sleeping positions after Liposuction on my stomach, back, and thighs?

I have 16 different areas that were lipo and fat transferred to my buttocks. I've been sleeping on my stomach, however, my neck is hurting. Looking... READ MORE

Lipo on my Upper and Lower Abdomen 4 Days Ago. When Can I Start Sleeping on my Stomach Again?

This past thurs. feb. 21st, I had liposuction on my upper back, triceps, and on my upper and lower abdomen. Originally I'm used to sleeping on my... READ MORE

Is it possible I messed up future results by not sleeping as directed after lipo?

Hi everyone, On December 31st, I underwent liposuction on my upper&lower abs, flanks & hips. I'm now four days post-op and I am worried. Due to... READ MORE

How to sleep after liposuction on midsection

Can I sleep on my stomach or should I stay on my back? I just had liposuction today and I am swollen and sore. What position should I sleep in please? READ MORE

How long do I need to wear the pressure garment after Liposuction?

I am a 27 year old girl . I had undergone liposuction on my tummy nad flanks. my surgeon closed the incisions with dissolvable stitches. Its been a... READ MORE

What do you suggest to you patients to handle the first night of sleeping after Liposuction?

What do you suggest to you patients to handle the first night of sleeping after lipo? I'm really worried that I'm going to have to sleep in a garbage... READ MORE

I am 3 weeks post lipo. I have intense lower back pain at night. So severe that I have not slept in 3 weeks. When will it end?

Hi... I am three weeks post surgery. I had ultra sonic lipo on my lower back, love handles and saddle bags as well as BA. I have intense lower back... READ MORE

I am exactly one week post op from lipo. Can I wear my compression garment all day and take it off to sleep?

I am exactly a week post op from lipo on arms, back, and stomach and doing great. Up until this point I wear my garment which is a 3/4 sleeve leotard... READ MORE

Is sleeping on my stomach safe after liposuction?

After 5 weeks of having liposuction is it ok to sleep on my stomach. It is hard but there's no pain. READ MORE

Why sleep with pillow under knees?

I'm 1 week post op of full body lipo. Is it recommended that I sleep w feet elevated on top of pillow OR with feet flat with pillow under bent knees?... READ MORE

Sleep position after hips and inner thighs liposuction?

What is the best position to sleep on after hips and inner thighs liposuction? Today i just did the surgery and im at home now wondering what is the... READ MORE

Can I remove my compression garment to sleep? (Photo)

I had liposuction of my stomach and full back. It has been exactly 9 days since surgery and I have not slept more than maybe a collective 4-5 hours... READ MORE

Waking Up with Violent Shakes After Lipo. What's the Cause of This?

I had two procedures done. Back, Stomach, waist. Then circumference of the legs. READ MORE

Is it better to wear the garment at night versus during the day?

I had lipo on May 24th and wore the garment 24h a day. I am now at the stage where the doctor said to only wear it at night. I was wondering if I wear... READ MORE

Will I be able to use a lipo board after a tummy tuck, lipo and BBL?

I have heard of woman using lipo board after liposuction but haven't heard much about using it after a tummy tuck with lipo as well. I am getting a... READ MORE

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