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How long can I go without showering after Lipo?

I had Lipo on inner, outer, and anterior thighs on Friday and I am terrified to take off my compression garment. I took it off Sunday with help. But I... READ MORE

What Happens if a Post-liposuction Compression Garment Gets Wet?

My girlfriend just underwent liposuction surgery and has been instructed to wear a compression garment for one week straight, including during showers... READ MORE

3 weeks PO - The incision on top of my butt crack leaks a mucus like fluid

I had a body left/liposuction incl. butt left and injected the fat into it. The cut go around my body and meets on top of my butt crack. the wound... READ MORE

Is the Back of my Hips (Flanks?) Skin on Muscle? (photo)

When I took a shower after the second day from having liposuction of the hips and what I assume is the flanks or back of the hip I notice that I could... READ MORE

I'm one day post liposuction. Is it normal to have swelling after first shower?

So I had my first shower today, one day post-op like my doctor recommended. But I noticed after my shower I was more swollen? Is that normal? When is... READ MORE

What exacly is the red stuff that gets sucked out with the fat? (Photo)

Can someone tell me what the red stuff is thats with the fat? Also I havnt gotten to ask my doctor but when am i allowed to take a shower without the... READ MORE

Is it alright to take a normal shower (wash my hair, use regular soap) 5 days post lipo? (Photo)

Hello, I'm 5 days post lipo in my abdomen. I have 7 small incisions (2 lower abdomen, 2 lower back, 2 under my breasts and 1 mid upper back) a couple... READ MORE

Aftercare for flank and abdominal liposuction?

How soon can i shower and how ling should i wear the foam pad and garment for? READ MORE

How long do I need to keep my compression garments on before I can shower?

I had liposuction of my chin/jowls, and both my upper arms two days ago. My face and arms are both very swollen. The compression garment cuts off at... READ MORE

Odd problem: closed incisions open up at 4 weeks post op lipo of abdomen, lower back, waist, sides of breasts. Causes? (Photos)

Yesterday morning after a shower I was drying under each breast crease where lipo incisions are. I noticed a little hole under the right and a clear... READ MORE

My PS didn't do my inner thighs as requested. What can I do about it? (Photo)

I'm 12 days post inner/outer thigh lipo. Was able to take a shower 5 days ago. Removed garment & saw that the inner thigh looked the same as it did... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Can my compression garment cause irritation of my belly button?

I am one month post op, I have been wearing my compression garment as directed and today after a shower I noticed my belly button was red and a little... READ MORE

Can I use moisturizer 10 days post-op, liposuction and cellulaze on front of my thighs? Can I shave? Is the scaley skin normal?

I had a mommy makeover that included some liposuction on my thighs and cellular to smoothe cellulite on the front some. I am 10 days post op and... READ MORE

When can I start taking normal showers?

I had baser lipo 2 weeks ago today. My doctor after surgery told me to take bathes with distilled water only. My question is, when can I start taking... READ MORE

What liposuction recovery supplies should I gather before my surgery?

My surgery day is quickly approaching and we wanted to see if anyone could offer some insight on supplies they had handy. I currently have waterproof... READ MORE

Can I put antibiotic cream on the holes every time I get out the shower? (photo)

I taking these pictures because the Fluid that was put in me to numb me. It's still in me. Every time I lay down I feel it floating, like If I lay on... READ MORE

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