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Is it Normal to Be Having These Strange Itchy Sensations After Liposuction?

I've got my lipo 10 days ago in my back, flanks, tummy, inner and outer thigh and till my knee. What worries me is that in all the liposuction areas I... READ MORE

Itching After Laser Liposuction?

I heard that once Laser liposuction has been performed, there is an itching sensation that can last up to a month. Is this correct? READ MORE

8 day post op of Liposuction, I feel itchy. Is this normal? (photo)

I had lipo on my saddlebags 8days ago and it went really well, but occasionally in the areas that I had lipo, it gets really itchy. It's just started... READ MORE

Incisions Like Itchy Mosquito Bites

Had Liposuction with BodyJet done, at about day 10 Post-OP began to notice skin was itchy. After another day, each incision site was puffy, red and... READ MORE

Itching, Stretched, Bumpy Stomach After Lipo. How/When to Start Treadmill? (photo)

After abdomen,hips,waist liposuction.cant wear compression garment due to itching .the abdomen is unevenly bumpy and rocky with skin stretched to the... READ MORE

2 months post op of Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift. Why am I so itchy still?

I'm 2 months post op lipo and bbl. I am so itchy on my lipo parts (back and thighs mainly ) I want to rip my skin off. It's worse at night and is... READ MORE

Itchy red raised rash after lipo?

I had a hip, thigh, and abdomen liposuction a week ago. Three days after the surgery, some large skin areas where the syrgery was done developed... READ MORE

10 Days Post Op Liposuction, Skin is Hard and Warm to Touch?

I had liposuction on my flanks and belly and my belly is warm and my flanks are hard and numb yet very warm and hot to touch. Skin is very itchy yet I... READ MORE

Red Rings/Hive Around Lipo Incisions? (photo)

I am 10 days post op Thigh Lipo. Doctor did not prescribe antibiotic. I am not taking ANY medication, not even pain medication. Doc gave me... READ MORE

9 weeks PO, legs still aching, itchy, and red. Is this normal or should I get help? (photo)

Good day, Please could someone advise? My plastic surgeon says there's nothing wrong, but I'm not comfortable with what I'm seeing :( I had a Lipo... READ MORE

Itching and Hard Lump After Laser and Body Jet Liposuction

I had smart lipo 9 months ago at first it seemed better but and my stomach was fatter than before, so the Dr. did Body jet 9 days ago. My stomach is... READ MORE

Compressed garment: how long do you have to wear it?

I am 13 days post lipo. I got lipo done on my arms, back and flanks. I wore the compressed garment 5 days after my lipo. Since I was itchy all over... READ MORE

1 months post op Liposuction on flanks & Fat Transfer on buttocks, my thighs are itchy. Is this normal?

Had Lipo on Flanks and fat Transfer on buttocks today is 1 month and I have numbing and ichy sensation on my legs is that Normal, I took of the... READ MORE

3 days post op Arm Liposuction, my upper arms are itchy. Any suggestions?

I had liposuction to both upper arms on Friday. I am 3 days post op and my upper arms are itching ! I can't tell if it's the incisions healing but I... READ MORE

Is it normal to have itchiness and soreness start 2.5 months p.o from liposuction?

I had liposuction done on my flanks, back bra area as well as my pubic mons 2.5 months ago. I had been feeling fine till recently I've started having... READ MORE

Itchy, red reaction to steri strip adhesive after lipo to the abdomen! Possible allergic reaction? (Photo)

I had a lipo done to my abdomen 6 days ago and had some sort of allergic reaction to the steri-strip adhesive (scar in the picture is from a TT done... READ MORE

Can you get new stretch marks after Liposuction? (photos)

I had liposuction 10 day ago, and I have been wearing a compression garment since. The skin around my abdomen is itchy and flaky, and today I found... READ MORE

How important are the foams under the compression garment? (photos)

11 days post op... I made an allergic reaction the adhesive tape and I'm very itchy. I feel comfortable with a cotton tank top on. Can I just wear the... READ MORE

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