Is it Normal to Be Having These Strange Itchy Sensations After Liposuction?

I've got my lipo 10 days ago in my back, flanks, tummy, inner and outer thigh and till my knee. What worries me is that in all the liposuction areas I lost skin sensation like for example if am itchy i want to rub my skin but no use as if there are ants walking on me. Is that normal......and if yes till when?

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Itching after liposuction

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These kind of sensations are very normal after liposuction.  When your surgery was done, this caused some disruption of the small nerve fibers in the skin.  The recovering nerve fibers are transmitting abnormal sensations such as itching.  Over time this will get better and the area should feel normal.  Thanks for your questions.

Intchy sensation after liposuction...

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It is normal to have all the sensation describe it for you. Use some vitamin E cream to hydrated your skim after every shower, also you can use a cotton shirt beneath you garment and finally wash and change your garment daily. Use shampoo or any soft soap to wash your garment, some detergents may cause irritation of the skim.  Good luck. 

Ricardo Ventura, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Normal Sensory Changes in Skin After Liposuction

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Dyesthesias or strange sensations of the skin are the norm after liposuction. Most of these will go away by 4 to 6 weeks after surgery as the sensory nerves return to normal feeling.

Strange sensations after liposuction

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Everything you describe is perfectly normal, and will improve with time.  I always council my patients that some degree of numbness, as well as what is called paresthesias, is the usual course.  Paresthesia is kind of like "nerve confusion", as the nerve is not sure how to feel after surgery and it takes some time to get back to normal as it goes through numbness, itching, burning, etc....  It will improve!


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itching in the treated areas is very common after Liposuction. its not a long-lasting condition and it should subside in a few days. if it doesnt go away I would advise to please check with your doctor

Strange Sensations after a Liposuction Procedure

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Thank you for your question.  Following a liposuction procedure it is not uncommon for patients to experience numbness, tingling, itching and/or discomfort in the areas treated.  This can be caused by swelling and disruption of the nerve fibers that transmit sensory information.  You are still very early on in the healing process but you should find that these sensations improve with some time.  I would recommend following up with your operating surgeon for a physical exam and to discuss your experience and any concerns that you might have.  Best of luck on your recovery!

Strange Sensations after Liposuction

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Numbness and tingling after liposuction is to be anticipated and is a part of the healing process following liposuction. Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Lost of sensation after liposuction

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Yes, it is normal that you have some kind of lost of sensation and that is because of the swelling. It will get better as the swelling diminish in the next couple of weeks .


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The sensation you report is common, and normal. The nerves going to the skin are traumatized, but usually recover within 3 months.

Sensory issues with liposuction

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Some numbness is common after liposuction.  This usually gets better with time.  I think it may happen more with the heating type devices.

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