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Can You Fix Bannana Fold DeformIty by Making an Incision and Stitchin It Up?

I had smart Lipo on my inner outer and backs of my thighs and ended. Up with a creaseunder my gluteal fold. Had 2 revisions and it is better but still... READ MORE

Uneven Stomach with Dents and Deformities After Lipo?

I had lipo of my lower abdomen done in April of 2011. I wore a compression garment for a couple of months after the surgery. When I went for a checkup... READ MORE

What is the best solution for a banana roll deformity?

I had lipo to the thighs 15 years ago and immediately experienced asymmetry & a subsequent banana roll deformity on the right gluteal fold. Is there a... READ MORE

I had three (2 were corrective) liposuctions and it has left my skin loose, uneven and has deep dimples. Any suggestions?(photo)

I had lipo to banana roll, hip & saddlebag areas that were attempted to be even out in 2 additional procedures within a year. Problems persist. My... READ MORE

Filler, Other the Own Fat to Correct Liposuction Deformities?

I have deep creases on both legs just underneath my buttocks, it creates an illusion of a long butt.... Ideal is to fill it to even out the thigh, but... READ MORE

4 weeks post op arm liposuction and have no result. Is this normal?

Its been 4 weeks after arm liposuction and I dont see any result.. I am so disappointed. My doctor is board certified plastic surgeon and 5 stars on... READ MORE

Pear shape genetic deformity? Which type of Lipo? (photos)

I have a pear shape figure I want to keep my bum get rid of the fat on my flanks and thighs.I was wondering if I had a pear shaped genetic deformity?... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for liposuction or sculpsure? Doctors, please advise if I can achieve these results. (photos)

Im 28 years old female (105 lb & 5'1) im interested in liposuction, sculpsure etc for my thighs and butt. I attached my ideal before & after photos... READ MORE

Abdominal lipo deformity. Left a huge dent. Is it fixable? (photos)

Abdominal lipo 10 weeks ago and It left me deformed. I have 3 kids. The dr recommended lipo without tummy tuck. This is the result now. I have done... READ MORE

What is wrong with my left glute? Would I be a candidate for lipo around the glutes for countouring? (Photos)

I am hoping to find a answer to what is going on with my left Glute. I notice when I stand and bend over, I have a indention of some sort. I feel like... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Liposuction of abdomen and flanks with large deformity that doesn't feel like swelling. Any suggestions? (photos

Are the deformities seen in the post op pictures part of the expected lumps and swelling? Is it possible to still come out with a good result! I'm not... READ MORE

Will this improve or is this deformity my future? (photos)

I had lipo to my sides, love handles, inner & ant thighs, knees & lower back 5 weeks ago. some fat transfer to my butt. I have lumps, bumps,... READ MORE

Does micro liposuction of bumps and after using a basket cannula without suction work to improve liposuction deformities?(photo)

Laser lipo wouldn't be the best option since I need the fat to stay or keep for future fattransfer, not to dissolve, since I'm very skinny (25yo). I... READ MORE

Abdomen deformities 8 weeks post op. (Photo)

I had full abs, full back, and flanks liposuction 8 weeks ago. I also had a tummy tuck March of 2015. I still have a good amount of fat left in my... READ MORE

Bumpy skin after liposuction to the stomach and flanks! (photos)

Almost one month post op and my body is super bumpy under the skin . You can even see it in my pictures , it makes me look kind of fat and deformed... READ MORE

Is it safe to do IVF to get pregnant 6-8 weeks post liposuction revision surgery? Waiting longer for IVF is not an option.

I am having liposuction revision surgery to fix a very botched job that I can no longer live with. You can see the huge deformity through my clothes.... READ MORE

Legs deformity. Can this be sorted with knee liposuction? (Photo)

I totally hate my legs, I find it very difficult to wear skirts / shorts. I know there is a surgery for this type of problem; but could this be fixed... READ MORE

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