Compression Garment + Laser Liposuction

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Arm Lift with Lipo Now Vs Laser Lipo Now and Arm Lift Later?

I'm 25 and I've lost 80lbs with diet&exercise over a 3yr period. My 16" arms haven't changed, just the firmness of the skin.... READ MORE

Is the typical cost for laser liposuction worth the swelling, constriction garment wearing and cost?

Never say never! 50 and considering laser liposuction at $5000. Have packed on 42 lbs in 2 years and really dislike my appearance. Havent been this... READ MORE

Are these burns or bruises after laser lipo in arms? (Photo)

I am 12 days post op laser lipo in upper arms and BBL abroad. My arms had red bruising from the laser in the beginning. I wear compression for both my... READ MORE

Laser Lipo 10 Days Ago, And There is a Lump From Wearing A Too Tight of Garment, and Wrinkles, Too?

I had surgery ten days ago (laser lipo). Wore a compression garment for one day but it was painful because it was so tight. I now am wearing one size... READ MORE

How well or if laser lipo will work for someone whom has lipedema? Or cold laser and MLD or if it's a waste of money

(roughly late stage 2 - no cuffing of the ankles yet) Currently my weight is around 190 most from the hips and below. I have been going to the gym for... READ MORE

Laser lipo on stomach 1 month ago with little improvement. Any suggestions?

I had laser lipo on my stomach and hips almost a month ago. My stomach looks the same as before the surgery. At first it seemed loose like swelling... READ MORE

Should post op swelling be expected after 1 month? (Photo)

I had laser liposuction abt 4.5 wks ago. For the last two weeks I have had some hardness in my stomach. .along with some burning. Today I seem really... READ MORE

If I downsize my compression garment now, is it too late to see results? Not seeing any results.

2 weeks post op after having laser lipo on upper/lower abdomen, bra rolls, and lower back. Pre-op weight was 238lbs at 5ft 10 in, and wore a size 16.... READ MORE

I just need to know, it's bothering me. I did laser liposuction one week and 2 days ago (Photo)

Be specific, my tummy is swelling and hard as a rock, am wearing the compression garment,just want to know if this is normal. Are what can I do to... READ MORE

Do you think the eating of salty Supper Bowl food caused me to swell after Liposuction?

I am still swollen after laser abd lipo, but every day it was going down. I am still wearing the compression suit and bandage. Last night I noticed a... READ MORE

Is it necessary to wear a compression garment went excercising after abdominal laser lipo?

I am 3 weeks out from my laser lipo procedure and I want to start working out. I almost have no pain with daily activity and feel it will be ok. Would... READ MORE

Are my laser liposuction incisions infected? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation and laser liposuction of my abdomen along with my lower back a week ago. I have two incisions on my rear end that I... READ MORE

Which posture to acquire during healing process of outer thigh laser lipo?

I had done my laser lipo done three days ago in outer thigh region and they removed 2.3 cc of fat. I'm wearing compression garment but i know what... READ MORE

Uneven stomach. Is this supposed to get better or this is the final result? (photos)

I'm worried! I had a laser liposuction 6 weeks ago and I still have an uneven belly and numbness on my stomach and lower back. I'm wearing the garment... READ MORE

Is there still a chance to see improvement if you have seen none at almost two months post op?

41yrs old, had upper/lower abs, flanks and outer thighs done in the same appt. Recovery was miserable, swelling horrendous but I stayed as patient as... READ MORE

Itchy and sensitive skin without compression garment?! When will this sensation go away? Is it normal?

I was told I only need to wear my garment 12 hours a day now. It's been 2 months since I had all over body laser lipo. I try to not wear it at night... READ MORE

Is daytime swelling 7-8 weeks post op normal?

I had laser lipo on my flanks/love handles performed over 7 weeks ago. When I get up in the morning it looks okay, with what appears to be minor... READ MORE

Laser lipo of the upper arm and back bra line.

I had laser liposuction of the upper arm and back bra line, is been 7 days and I been wearing my compress garment everyday except when I shower, after... READ MORE

Bloating and tighten of the tummy 2 weeks post op of lipo (Photo)

Im two weeks post op of lazer lipo and I'm having bloating of the tummy everyday. Is this normal? When will it go away? And what can I do to stop the... READ MORE

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