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Juverderm filler put in my top lip & a tiny bit in my bottom lip 3 days ago, caused uneven lumps and white patches. (photos)

Lips are very swollen, bumpy, tender, uneven & have white patches. I paid for one 0.5 mil syringe, not all of this was used as wanted a very subtle... READ MORE

White-ish Bumps 7 days post Juvederm in lips

I am wondering if these whiteish bumps will potentially go away within the next few days -- what are they?? I can feel them when I run my lip over... READ MORE

I have lumps and white spots on the upper lip after Juvederm injection. Is this normal? (photo)

Hello, In June 2014 I had lip augmentation performed with Juvaderm Vobella (just top lip). During the procedure I had a bleeding on the left side and... READ MORE

JUVEDERM XC ULTRA: 1 vial: What are tiny white bumps all along the injection line in my upper lip?

I went to MD who said it doesn't look like "occlusion" and that it may be the product? I have always had Restylane done for past 7 years- this time,... READ MORE

White 'pimple' on my upper lip after stylage

Dear Doctors, I had stylage injected into my upper lip 5 months ago. At first I was really unhappy with the result as I could see lumps in the... READ MORE

white dots after juvederm. What should I do? (photos)

Ok so I'm stressing out, I'm 17 hours post juvederm, and I'm noticing tiny white dots and nodules forming. And, I've come to realise I was taking... READ MORE

White distinctive dots in two areas of lips after Juverderm. Any suggestions? (photos)

I got juvederm filler two 4 days ago in my upper lip, there is still slight bruising but the swelling seems to have of gone down. I now have two bumpy... READ MORE

What are these white spots on my lips a year and a half after Juvederm? (photos)

After having Juvederm injections in my lips I have these white spots all over my top lip. It is 1.5 years later and these spots have not gone away,... READ MORE

Juvederm Looks Whitish?

I had juvederm injected in my nose . When I crinkle up my nose I see two whitish blobs in two spots of my nose under the skin . Can this be the... READ MORE

Got Juvederm filler in lips. What are these white spots on my upper lip? (photo)

I got a full syringe of juvederm around 2 weeks ago and ever since then I have had a ton of little white spots on my upper lip only.. why is this?... READ MORE

I had Juvederm, 1 syringe in my lips, after 4 days I have a swollen lymph node in my neck - a reaction from the filler?

I got Juvederm in my lips, after 4 days I started to feel a lymph node in my neck and I found little white spots in my uupper lip just in the corner,... READ MORE

White spots on lip after Juvederm (Photo)

I just got juvederm a day and a half ago. I bruise easily so I expected the bruising. I'm concerned about the white areas on my lower lip. I'm going... READ MORE

Blister on bottom lip 3 weeks after Juvederm lip filler (photo)

I got 1ml of Juvederm lip filler 3 weeks ago and love the results but today noticed a blister on bottom lip on right side also some tiny white spots... READ MORE

Do i have an infection from Juvaderm 0.5ml lip filler?

I had my lips topped up this saturday just gone with 0.5ml of juvaderm and now the right side of my top lip its red, swollen, hot, painful with white... READ MORE

Swelling is getting worse from Juvederm? (Photo)

I got Juvaderm injected on Tuesday and today is Friday. I know swelling is normal with this process however one side of my lip has somewhat healed... READ MORE

White dots on my lip line after 3 days post Juvederm?

This morning i didn't see anything abnormal other than my left side being more swollen, less movement, and very bruised. around 5 pm i noticed tiny... READ MORE

White circle patches after Juvederm in lips? Day 3 (photo)

I have had 0.4ml of juvederm injected into my top lip three days ago now. One side bruised up so is still a little more swollen then the other making... READ MORE

Had lips injected 7 days ago with Juverderm: Lumps and white spots? (photo)

They are still lumpy and the lump on the one side of my top lip feels as if it is sagging and has visable white spots. The lumps stop me from rubbing... READ MORE

Yellowish white spots on lip line after Juvederm? I had my lips filled 5 days ago. (photo)

I was completely expecting swelling and bruising but my lip line on my left of my top lip is so sore! It makes my eyes water touching it. It's my... READ MORE

White spot after Juvederm filler in lips. (Photo)

I received juvederm filler for my lips yesterday. Should I be concerned about this white spot on the corner of my lower lip? How long until it goes away? READ MORE

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