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Does Scar Tissue Develop over Juvederm

I had juvederm in my nose under a month after Rhinoplasty to correct a dip where scar tissue hadnt formed correctly. My Plastic surgeon said hopefully... READ MORE

Risk of Scar Tissue from Juvederm and Restylane?

I am considering Restylane or Juvederm for my "smile lines." Someone commented above, "If you don't want to feel the product, Juvederm... READ MORE

Can repeated insertion of needles during filler injection create scar tissue and thus tethering to the tissues below? (photo)

I have gone in for juvederm ultra plus xc in the nasolabial folds (as I have for the past two years now) and it seems that there are now two notches... READ MORE

Can a Doctor Tell if I Have Filler in my Nose or Scar Tissue?

I got juvederm injected into my nose for a side dent and 8 months on had hyaulaise to try dissolving it but it hasnt made much difference, when i look... READ MORE

What might cause a permanent change in lip shape and size following Juvederm injection?

I had a small amount of juvederm injected into my upper and lower lips five years ago. I have seen a permanent significant change in lip shape and... READ MORE

Hard lump where the Juvederm was injected. Scar tissue?

I had juvederm injected 9 months ago in the nasolabial folds. however, it made them look worse: it looks like the juvederm was injected above the... READ MORE

Will lip scar tissue affect lip fillers/injections?

I had a cyst removed from my inner lip (i.e. the side inside of my mouth if that makes sense) about 5 years ago. I am booked in to get Juvederm lip... READ MORE

3 years ago I got my first injection of Juvederm. This bump has been on my lip sense. (Photo)

Since then I have been using a different doctor for my juvederm and Botox and she thinks it's scar tissue. Can this be fixed or will it eventually get... READ MORE

I have this white bump on my lip after Juvederm filler. Is this a scar tissue? What should I do to get rid of this? (Photo)

I got juvederm in my lips about a month ago and I'm not sure what's causing this bump on my bottom lip. All I know is that The needle was injected... READ MORE

If I Have Filler in the Tip of my Nose, is It Okay to Have a Steroid Injection in the Tip?

I currently have juviderm in the tip of my nose. I have scar tissue in the tip after a revision rhinoplasty and was wondering if it would be ok to get... READ MORE

Is this a scar tissue, Juvederm, or hyaluronidase problem? Or could it be swelling that hasn't gone away? (photos)

About 4 months ago I got injections of juvederm in my nose near the alar. It was very little. Less than half a syringe. I went to remove it with... READ MORE

I have nasolabial folds. Are they caused by scar tissue or juvederm?

I have nasolabial folds visible under certain lights not so much with direct sunlight and look bad with light on the side. i feel a hard lump above... READ MORE

Scar tissue and Kenalog after Juvederm. Any suggestions?

Had chronic cellulitis. Finally healed, left scar tissue & sunken jawline. Got Juverderm & needle used to break up scar tissue. Looked great. Next... READ MORE

What can I do to remove old scar tissue from my lip? Is it safe to use Juvederm for augmentation? (Photo)

15 yrs ago I had a freckle removed from my lip by a dermatologist with a knife&scalpel. He stitched me back up and I have lived with this ugly scar... READ MORE

Lump in lip still there 4 years after having filler. (photo)

I had Juvederm 3, it didn't look natural at all she ended up going crazy in my already prominent cupids bow. I could also feel little lumps in the... READ MORE

Have scar tissue in lip caused by an accident when I was younger, can I still get lip fillers? (photos)

Hi everyone, I have a question. When I was younger I fell and my tooth cut my lip in half. The doctors said it would heal with some sort of glue. It... READ MORE

Lip fillers and scar tissue over time?

Is it preferable to have lips filled via needle or canula? And if you opt to have lip fillers once or twice a year over many years, can scar tissue... READ MORE

Juvederm does not help the nasolabial folds because of scar tissue pulling skin down. What are my options? (Photo)

I just had juvederm in the nl folds: i can never fill them in. two lines at the corners of my mouth/ nose.mnot deep per se, but i look much beter w... READ MORE

One side of lip hangs down after Juvederm lip filler. Can any doctors in Calgary help with this?

I was injected with juviderm lip filler 2 yrs and I'm not happy with the results. I have one side of my lip that hangs down and I'be been told that it... READ MORE

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