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Is Numbness After Juvederm Treatment Normal?

I had juvederm injected into my upper and lower lips 9 days ago. The swelling is gone now but I am still numb on the right side of both my upper and... READ MORE

Reaction to Numbing Cream

1cc Juvederm from Plastic Surgeon in my Lips on 11/9 (Received Numbing Cream W/epinephrine and Dental Block Beforehand) (had reaction to cream:... READ MORE

Numbness and Crooked Smile After Juvederm with Dental Block? (photo)

I was injected with Juvederm two days ago. While I realize that some of my problem is with swelling that recede, I'm very concerned that my lips are... READ MORE

Lumpy Lips After Juvederm? I Did Have a Review Since Apparently Everything's Ok and Should Wait 2 Weeks.

Help! I had Juvederm in my lips 4 days ago as I asymmetric. During the procedure my Doctor commented that I was bleeding and I was likely to bruise.... READ MORE

Facial Numbness and Exquisite Throbbing Pain 5 Days Post Juvederm Ultra Plus in Cheeks?

When the PS injected the lido/epi I felt an electric shock going down my face suddenly when he injected the cheek area. Now 5 days post Juvederm Ultra... READ MORE

5 days post op Juvederm in my lips. Should I be concerned about bruising getting worse? (photos)

I had juvederm in my lips on Wednesday night - It is now the 5th day and my bruising has gotten worse! I did have numbing & pain at the bruise area... READ MORE

I Have Been Numb in the Left Side of my Face for over 48 Hours Since Receiving This Normal?

There is no physical appearance...its' just numb....from under my eye to my upper lip. READ MORE

Still Numb 3 Hours After Lip Augmentation with Juvederm, is this Normal?

I just had my lip augmentation with Juvederm around 3 hours ago, it still numb. The problem is, while in the office, my lips were nice and even,... READ MORE

24 Hours After Lip Filler (unknown type of filler) - What is happening to my face? (Photo)

I got a lip filler injection about 24 hours ago and immediately saw small purple spots above my lip, by my nose, spreading toward my nasolabial fold.... READ MORE

Do you get numbed before Juvederm? (photos)

Do you get numbed before? & I'm afraid of needles, how bad is the pain? Also, am I a good candidate? READ MORE

Can you get juvederm or any lip filler without the use of any lidocaine/numbing agent?

I have long QT syndrome so I am advised to stay away from lidocaine. There are no issues with hyaluronic acid though. I have extreme pain tolerance,... READ MORE

Does Juvederm with the XC Numbing Agent Have Less Actual Filler in the Syringe?

Does Juvederm with the XC numbing agent have less actual filler in the syringe because there is also lidocaine in that syringe? If that is the case, I... READ MORE

Numbness over one year after receiving Juvederm and Botox injection. Could the needles have caused this?

I received a Juvederm injection in November, 2014. Since then I feel a numbness from my right jaw to the top of my right cheek. My smile also does not... READ MORE

Is it normal to have aching pain, hardness & numb in one spot? (Photo)

I received one syringe of Juvederm to my upper & lower lips just over 48 hours ago. I only seem to have pain, slight bruising and numbness in one spot... READ MORE

How long does the dental block used to numb during Juvederm lip injection last?

I had Juvderm in my lips today at 5 pm. It's 11:30 pm and the dental block that was used to numb the surrounding area has not subsided at all. My... READ MORE

Does Juvederm numb you after days?

I had juvederm injected in to my nasial lobes and lip and after five days my lip , the left side of my nose and my teeth are numb. Is this normal? It... READ MORE

Numbness After Erbium Micro Laser and Juvederm in my Laugh Lines

Around my mouth and I can't smile even my speach is alittle affected. Went back to the doctor and all he said was it will all come back with time!... READ MORE

5 Days Later Still Numb from Juvaderm Dental Block?

I had a dental block for lip juvaderm in 4 spots of the mouth. After just 2 hours of icing, numbness went away in 3 locations. 5 days later, my 1 spot... READ MORE

What should I do? One month after juvederm injected in the side of mouth, numbness keeps spreading throughout my gums and chin.

My PA injected juvederm at the sides of my mouth to bring up the corners. Both sides had a slight bruise. But I noticed numbness on the right side... READ MORE

Numbness and hardness 3 days after Juvederm filler in lips. (Photo)

I got 1ml of juvederm in my lips three days ago but I am experiencing a numb feeling on my top lip, it's tingly and numb and my top lip is quite hard.... READ MORE

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