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Juvederm Ultra for Neck?

I recently had Juvederm Ultra treatment on my lower face. Although I had a lot of problems with brusing after, the result some 3 weeks later was worth... READ MORE

Can fillers, like Juvederm, be used to treat deep, horizontal neck wrinkles? (photos)

I have deep, horizontal neck wrinkles. I've used Juverderm on my lips before with good results. Can Juvederm or any other filler be used to treat neck... READ MORE

I've had Hepatitis C for 10 years. Can I use Juvederm?

I am only finished last week take Olysio and Sovaldi for the liver. Do I need wait after those medications? How Juvederm is safe for the liver? What... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Have A Stiff Neck from Juvederm For Several Months? What Caused It?

I had Juvederm injected on my face. 2 day's later I had a stiff neck & headache which lasted for 3 months. I felt ill also. Why would the... READ MORE

I had Juvederm, 1 syringe in my lips, after 4 days I have a swollen lymph node in my neck - a reaction from the filler?

I got Juvederm in my lips, after 4 days I started to feel a lymph node in my neck and I found little white spots in my uupper lip just in the corner,... READ MORE

Juvederm has migrated to my neck and spine from my cheeks. Is this dangerous?

Juvederm has migrated to my neck and spine, I can hear the squelching sound when I move my neck and the back and it is definitely it as its the exact... READ MORE

My dermafill treatment was very painful, particularly on the left side.

Numbness, jaw and tooth pain occured 5 days later on the left side. 10 days later still not good. Pain has now moved to R H S.I cannot press my back... READ MORE

Can Juvederm cause headaches and a fairly large lump in my neck (lymph-node; very painful)?

1. I had Juvederm injections (laugh line area) mostly on the left side. 2. I had my teeth cleaned. 3. Then, I began to have intense pain in my head... READ MORE

After juvederm, I felt a lump in my neck later in the day. Could it be related to the juvederm treatment?

The lump was located towards the middle and slightly to the right.i touched it a few times in confusion not sure if it was a pimple of some sort but... READ MORE

Belotero neck injections look lumpy, is this normal and when will they go away? (Photo)

Hi today I got 1 syringe of belotero to softer 2 superficial neck lines. It's been only 6 hrs but the lines now look like there's too much filler and... READ MORE

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