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How Long Before Juvederm "Sets" and Won't Migrate from Injection Site?

Just had juvederm injection to fix the hollowness in my tear through area 2 days ago.  I was told not to press on the area of injection as I... READ MORE

How to Keep Juvederm Ultra Plus from Migrating?

I Just Had Juvederm Ultra Plus Injected in my Cheeks, What is the Best Way to Keep the Filler from Moving Around? READ MORE

Juvederm Setting Time

What events or actions can cause Juvederm to shift or change following injection. How long does it take for it to set completely? I had very dry lips... READ MORE

What Caused Juvederm to Migrate Above the Lip Line Causing a Road Bump Appearance?

Hello, last month I had Juvederm injected just in my border and it ended up as a lump on either side of my lip. I had that dissolved and waited a week... READ MORE

Can you go blind after filler with Juvaderm to nasolabial folds?

I had filler to my nasolabial fold 7 days ago and read that it cause blindness which made me freak out big time and I need some answers: 1) can filler... READ MORE

Juvederm Migrated to my Eyelids and Caused Intense Swelling and Wrinkling. Can Hyaluronidase Be Used to Dissolve? (photo)

Juvederm was injected in an area under both of my eyes that shouldn't have been. I'm thin and the skin in this area was very tight to the bone. The... READ MORE

Can Juvederm migrate to another area months after the procedure?

7 months ago I had Juverderm injected in my cheeks to remove the appearance of hollow eyes. On the same day i had volbella in my lips.Results were... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Migrate from Glabella Area into Eyes and Cross the Blood Brain Border?

Have heard that juvederm can migrate from its original place.Is it posible for filler to migrate from glabella area into eyes causing floaters and... READ MORE

Will Juvederm Start to Migrate Around the Nose when It Start Dissolving?

I want to get a Juvederm injection in my nose bridge (I have a flat bridge), but I am afraid that it will start to migrate (and cause lumps) around my... READ MORE

Is the raised skin above my lip due to filler or is it due to having previous patch of dry skin in that area? (photos)

On the left side above my top lip my skin seems to be raised. In some lights I can see that it looks like a lump. It is not itchy or red. Previously I... READ MORE

Is It True Juvederm Injected Under the Eyes Migrate Downwards Months After Injection?

I had juvederm under my eyes injected 3 weeks ago. It was done below the muscle. The results are fine. But what concerns me is that I've read over the... READ MORE

Juvederm seems to be migrating to the outside of my lips all around (Photo)

I had juvederm injected in both lips,mainly top for it was much smaller than the bottom, five days ago.It seems to be moving away from my lips and is... READ MORE

Delayed Migrating or Swelling after Filler treatment.

Could there be a possiblity of delayed migrating of the filler ?...and should I try cold compresses to reduce the slight swelling that I have or... READ MORE

How Can I Find a Doctor Willing to Treat Me with Hyaluronidase when the Injecting Doctor Won't Use the Dissolver?

I had Juvederm injected under both eyes on October 8, 2012. It migrated to my lower eyelids and caused severe swelling, wrinkling, and a dark, bluish... READ MORE

Can juverderm filler into nasolabial folds cause a vein to appear in the space between my nostril and top lip? Can it migrate?

I had juverderm filler 3 wks ago. At first i thought it was swelling that would subside. Now i can see that it appears be a bluish raised vein the... READ MORE

Have Heard From Other Doctors That, Yes, Juvederm Can Migrate. What's Your Opinion?

Thank you for your reply to my previous question. i know that juvederm can migrate as other doctors have reprted this, juvederm is also a lipid... READ MORE

How Likely is It to Move or Damage Juvederm with Skin Picking? Had It Injected 3 Wks Ago

Into rolling scars and to add volume in cheeks and perioral area related to aging. I tend to pick at skin when stressed. I try to clean the sebum out... READ MORE

Can lip filler migrate to upper lip area? Will dissolver leave gaps in my upper lip area? (photos)

Ive had lip fillers two times but the second time (juvederm) i feel like there is filler above my lip. When i pucker up my lips they look ridicilous... READ MORE

NLF migrated into the cheek after Juvederm treatment. Is there another filler I can use?

The day of the injection i could feel the filler in the NLF and see the difference. Only 1 syringe. But 2 days later it had moved above the NLF into... READ MORE

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