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Juvederm for the Jaw?

Can juvederm be used in the jaw to add definition like a jaw implant? READ MORE

Juvederm lip injections lasted a week?

My jaw alignment makes my upper lip appear small. i'm 17. i have been told i needed surgery on my jaw. but no one notices it excpet me and doctors....... READ MORE

6 weeks post op of Juvederm, I have jaw pain and intermittent swelling of lips, marionette and nasolabial areas. Is this normal?

I had one syringe total injected for juvederm for marionette, nasobial and upper and lower lip lines. Had this done one year ago without any... READ MORE

I received juvederm 2 weeks ago, since then I've had burning eyes and extreme jaw pain. Could they be related? Other causes?

After receiving juvederm 2 weeks ago I was very sick for a week. I was tired, weak, numb and tingly face and arms, headache, burning eyes. I felt like... READ MORE

Numbness over one year after receiving Juvederm and Botox injection. Could the needles have caused this?

I received a Juvederm injection in November, 2014. Since then I feel a numbness from my right jaw to the top of my right cheek. My smile also does not... READ MORE

Pouches around mouth? What is this from and what can I do? Recent weight loss and getting married in a few months. (Photo)

I've lost 30 pounds in the last year and my skin has changed. I had 1 cc of juvaderm plus in my cheeks a month ago and Botox in jaw for tmj/wide jaw.... READ MORE

Will fillers (Juvederm ultra plus XC) for chin augmentation make my jaws look more asymmetrical than as it is?

I have asymmetric jaws where one side has grown longer than the other. It's noticeable to doctors and when I smile, my mouth looks slightly crooked.... READ MORE

Why is my smile so weird after chin filler and jaw Botox? (Photo)

I got Juvederm in my chin two days ago and love the results when I'm not smiling, but when I smile my fave looks really asymmetric and strange. I also... READ MORE

My dermafill treatment was very painful, particularly on the left side.

Numbness, jaw and tooth pain occured 5 days later on the left side. 10 days later still not good. Pain has now moved to R H S.I cannot press my back... READ MORE

I Had Voluma Juvederm Applied on my Upper Lip and Jaw, Last August 8th, 2013?

I have an appointment with the dentist on September 27th, 2013 to have some lower teeth cavities fixed. I wonder if I run any risk to have this dental... READ MORE

What can be done to make my face a bit more symmetrical? (Photo)

I wore braces as an adult for 3+ yrs & I still look "crooked" & bite my right cheek when eating. A dentist said I still have a bad malocclusion & my... READ MORE

Can Juvederm injected around the mouth to get rid of lines make TMJ problems worse?

I've been having pain around my jaw a few days after the procedure. I have Tmj disorder . Could this make it worse READ MORE

Can jevederm /ellanse be injected over artefill?

I had done artefill in my cheek and jaw area and i want to add more filler those areas. READ MORE

Can Juvederm filler in the jaw area help the look of jawbone loss from some missing teeth?

I had some theeth extracted 4 yaers ago and realize i need implants and maybe grafting but need to look good now in the mean time.will this do the trick? READ MORE

Can I get my lips done on wednesday and my jaw (botox due to grinding) 2 days later? (Photo)

Hello I have booked an appointment for my lip augmentation on wednesday. (Picture attached, how much juvederm would you recommend for a natural... READ MORE

Mouth/jaw pain after Juvederm. Is this normal?

I had juvaderm in my lips and lines beside my nose my whole jaw hurts my teeth hurt and my pallet is swollen is this normal ? READ MORE

Can juvederm be used to make your jaws look bigger?

Like it is injected by the jaw muscles to make it look bigger and more square READ MORE

Can Juvederm Ultra be injected into the jaw muscle?

Can Juvederm ultra be injected into the jaw muscle to reduce the jaw and create a smaller V shape? .. Or is botox the only option? READ MORE

How many ML's of Juvederm? Or different procedure? (Photos)

I am 26yr young, but I feel very old. Looking for opinions on specific amounts of Juvederm that I should get. Problem areas: under eye bags/wrinkles,... READ MORE

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