Duck Lips + Juvederm

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Had Juvederm Injected in Upper Lip and Verticle Lines, Duck Looking. Should I Get It Removed? (photo)

I had juvederm for vertical lines, and the doctor suggested I get some injected in my upper lip since it was thinning. I agreed, and after all the... READ MORE

4 Days Post Juvederm Ultra and Duck Like Upper Lip? (photo)

Hi there Its been 4 days now and my lips have softened by my upper lip still sticks out over my lower lip. Is this still part of the swelling process?... READ MORE

Juvederm Yesterday for Wrinkles and Thinning Upper Lip. Bruised but Worry About Duck Lip? (photo)

I had Juvederm injection yesterday for a thinning upper lip and fine wrinkles on upper lip. I was injected in the upper wrinkle lines, side of mouth... READ MORE

Duck-shaped Lips 48 + Hours After Juvederm Filler? (photo)

Should I expect the swelling to be much smaller compared to 2 days ago when I had an injection? When I should start to worry and contact my doctor? READ MORE

V-y Lip Plasty + Juvederm Caused Granulomas & Duck Lips

A year & a half ago, I received v-y lip plasty. I was stupid enough to get juvederm injection on top of that. As a result, I have huge duck lips.... READ MORE

Will my "duck mouth" go away after Juvederm? (photos)

I received my injections tuesday. It is now friday. I seriously look as tho I have duck bill. Do u think I got too much or do u think it's just still... READ MORE

Duck lips, bumps, upper lip bigger than lower lip after Juvederm Ultra Plus. Will this get better in time? (Photo)

I had 1 Juvederm lip injection 3 days ago. My upper lip is twice bigger than my lower lip +I have 3 bumps bellow my bottom lip 2 of them creating a... READ MORE

24 Hours: Duck Lips Post Juvederm?

Yesterday I had a small amt. of Juvederm on one side of my lips to even out past juvie from 5 months ago. A minor touch-up. The bottom lip is fine,... READ MORE

0.5ml Juvederm: swelling, lump, duck lip. (photos)

I had 0.5 juvederm injectec in my upper lip today by a new doctor, this is my 3rd time since last year I never had any bruising or swelling before. My... READ MORE

How Many Syringes of Juvederm Would I Need to Increase the Volume in my Lips Dramatically? (photo)

I've saved enough money only to cover one syringe of juvederm. I want to avoid the LA duck lip while still achieving dramatic results. How can I go... READ MORE

I had my lips done yesterday with Huvederm smile 0.55ml. I don't like the way they look at the moment. Will this go?

They top lip is over hanging the bottom one ever so slightly. I feel a little like a duck. Will this go? I've never had them done before. They are... READ MORE

Duck lip after fillers. Any suggestions? (photos)

Two days ago I got 1 syringe of juvederm in my top and bottom lip, there's still loads of swelling but my upper lips hangs over my bottom, my lips are... READ MORE

Duck Lip! Injector will not use Hyaluronidase to dissolve claiming it will destroy my cells? True or False? (photo)

The injector attempted to change the width of my mouth as well as injecting alot into the border. She informed me that she was taught to try to... READ MORE

Should I get 3-4 syringes of Juvederm to my upper lip or Silikon 100? I'm one of the few women who wants duck lips (photo)

I want it large enough that it's a prominent feature on my face. I want people's eyes to go straight to my upper lip. My original ratio of upper to... READ MORE

I had Juvederm injected into my vertical lip lines. It's been 3 weeks, and my profile still looks like a duck? (photo)

My upper lip is also still hard to the touch. One side has more filler than the other, as it had more vertical lines. Would you suggest I simply wait... READ MORE

Can I get more Juvederm? (photos)

I had one syringe of juvederm placed into my lips over a month ago. It seems to have lost volume- I can no longer notice any difference. Can I add... READ MORE

1ml of Juvederm Ultra Plus in my lips and now they look so big. What can I do to bring it down? (Photo)

HI Doctors, I have done my lips yesterday afternoon i used 1ml of Juvederm Ultra Plus the top of my lip are massive, i look like a duck face - i know... READ MORE

My Upper Lip Look Fat and Duckish! Help! Can I Do Something for This? Juvederm Used.

I hade juvaderm injected into my upper lip, marionette lines and under eyes. the thing that most worries me is my upper lip. I got it done at 4 pm... READ MORE

Should I now be massaging above top lip to smooth out raised duck look appearance or too early?

I had Juvederm Filler above my lips to fill in the smokers lines, 5 days ago. The side that had the deepest lines is ok and not too raised, however... READ MORE

Horrible juvederm experience. Received hyuronidase today. Do the injections usually hurt that bad? (Photo)

I got "duck lips from juvederm. I waited 2 weeks for swelling to go down like I was told. But still duck mouth after 2 weeks. So I went in to get it... READ MORE

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