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Juvederm Results Still Visible After a Year - Will It Disappear?

I had lip augmentation 11 months ago with Juvederm in my upper lip. It is still visible - of course, a lot less, but definitely not like it was before... READ MORE

Blue Tint After Juvederm a Year Later? (photo)

When I turned 30, I noticed my eye hollows sinking deeper causing me to look older and tired...Instead of surgery, I decided to inject Juvederm. I... READ MORE

Juvederm Ruined my Face, Its Been over a Year and Its Getting Worse, Will It Ever Be Back to the Way It Was?

I had juvederm ultra done on my nasal folds last june a few months later i had slight twiching of lips, then i noticed drooping of upper lip, mouth... READ MORE

15 Months After Injections Juvederm Experiencing Swelling and Bags, Dark Circles, Etc.? (photo)

8months since my last email sent to you requesting your help. Now 15 months after juviderm injections in cheeks , i am still facing the same problem.... READ MORE

How Long After the Injection of Juvederm or Restylane Can It Be Removed?

I had juvaderm and restylene injected almst 1 year ago and do not like it. My doctor said it was to late at 6 months to have it removed because it had... READ MORE

Juvederm - Absorption & Time

I have a 2 part question: what i need to know is after say 1 year, does ALL of the facial filler (juvederm) get absorbed back into the body? or can... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation (Toronto Resident): How Should I "Fix" This? Any Suggestions?

I had Juvederm (1syringe) injection 1 yr ago. My smile is lopsided & others even commented that my lips are crooked (pic attached). Its been like... READ MORE

Why is There Still Bruising After Juvederm in Tear Troughs?

I had juvederm under my eyes (tear trough) before one year but the problem that i still have bruising READ MORE

Juvederm Nose Job Disaster How Long to Dissappear?

Its been a year now and my nose still is not back to Normal . Dr shot juvederm Into tip . It still looks awful . Now the dr is saying that the... READ MORE

Juvederm Under my Eye. After 14 Months the Eye Look Strange, Blue, Dark Circle. Can I Remove It? (photo)

I have a serious estetical problem under my eye . i made a filler more than 14 months ago in order to cover a blue little vens. but now it is orrible.... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra Injection Under Eyes in December 2011. Still Bumps?

I am a 27 year old male. I always had very faint dark circles under my eyes. Dec. 11 I went to a plastic surgeon and got juvederm under my eyes. Long... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Accidentally Injected into Lower Orbital Fat Be Dissolved 12 Months Later?

I'm concerned with eyelid puffiness present for 12 months since having Juvederm to improve lower hollowness. Had no problem with Restylane... READ MORE

Juvederm Voluma Left Uneven Cheeks Help?

Hello, I had juvederm voluma injected in my cheeks 1 year ago. Its nearly a year now one side of my face has completely dissolved while the other... READ MORE

24 Hour Burning for a Year Now After Juvedern Ultra 2 in Glabella?

Please anyone can you help,very I'll now after juvederm ultra 2 in glabella in August last year,eyes,forehead and brain burns 24 hours a day,insomnia... READ MORE

Strange Dent Under my Eye After Juvederm Ultra, What is this?

It has been almost a year since I had juverderm ultra injected underneath my eyes to address dark circles that seemed to disappear when pressure was... READ MORE

Juvederm Bag Under Eye Since a Year?

Hello! I had juviderm injections done exactly one year a go under my eyes, the doctor made a very bad job and one of my lower lids has a bag since... READ MORE

Juvederm Still In Upper Lip After 1 Year, Will It Ever Go Away? What Are My Options?

1 yr ago, I had Juvederm placed-upper lip. After, 1 side was larger & the doctor put the entire remaining half syringe in the other side.... READ MORE

Juvederm in my Nasal Folds Caused Drooping, Spasms and Changed Shape of my Mouth. Im Scared It Will Never Get Better?

I was 19 had it done last july one in each nasal fold and one each on side of chin, a few months later my right lip had a slight droop and would have... READ MORE

Severe Symptoms 11 Months After Juvederm?

Hi I am posting again after 11 months as no one can offer any advice as to why I am still suffering these severe debilitating symptoms from juvederm... READ MORE

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