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What Happens if You Dont Wear Your Invisalign for About 2 Weeks?

I fell which resulted in a horrible cut lip. I could not put my invisalign on without my lip starting to bleed even though it was not deep enough for... READ MORE

Should I continue with wearing my new 5th tray of Invisalign if its not fitting tightly?

Hello, I am doing invisalign express. Last night I went to switch to my 5th tray, as it had been 2 weeks.They mostly fit fine, but the very back of my... READ MORE

1st tray out for 2 hours at one time on Day 11?

I'm on Day 12 of my first set of Invisalign trays. I have been consistently wearing them between 22 to 22.5 hours a day. Yesterday I wore them 20... READ MORE

Invisalign Retainer Very Tight and Difficult to Remove?

2.5 years of wearing braces, the DDS. crafted an invisalign "retainer". This appliance is so tight, and It is incredibly difficult to remove. In fact,... READ MORE

I Don't Know if I Messed Up my Invisalign Treatment?

I live in Idaho & my orthodontist lives in Maine. I switch out my trays every week. When I first got my invisalign I did really well with wearing... READ MORE

I decided to reuse my Invisalign. The bottom set is loose in the back but tight in the front. Do I need a new set?

When I was 18/19 I got invisaligns. Its been about 10 years since I've worn. My upper tray fits perfectly. But ALL of my lower trays fit tight in the... READ MORE

My question is about Vivera retainers and what to do if you stop wearing them for a few months then start again?

I stopped wearing my Vivera retainers for a couple of months and when I started wearing them again they were extremely tight. I use to only wear them... READ MORE

Is It Okay if the First Set of Aligners Don't Feel Tight?

I just got my first set of invisalign aligners. I've been repeatedly told that I may feel some tightness and soreness for the first three days but... READ MORE

Why does one Invisalign elastic (rubber band) feel tighter than the other?

I am on day 7 of my first tray of Invisalign. I have buttons and I wear elastics (rubber bands) for overbite. Yesterday I noticed a change in my bite... READ MORE

Are my trays working? (photos)

I literally just got my very first Invisalign trays about an hour ago. I felt no pain, discomfort, or tightness now that they are in and I'm worried... READ MORE

Is there any consequences for skipping a step in clear correct treatment. I am on step 5 of 12 but skipped to 6 of 12.

The next tray in my plan came with one that was correct while one that was a couple steps ahead. My dentist said that I could try using the next ones... READ MORE

I had invisalign for 2 years (after refinements) I've worn my Vivera retainers full time for 7 months. Can I wear them to bed?

But when they are out for more than 4 hours and I put them back in they still feel very tight. I'm tired of wearing them to work everyday but I'm... READ MORE

Can I change my Invisalign aligners if they are still tight after two weeks?

I'm on my first tray of Invisalign. My top aligners have been loose since the end of the first week. After 10 days, my bottom aligners are very loose... READ MORE

Lost Invisalign

Hi, I'm on tray 8 out of 44 of invisalign aligners. I started aligner 8 five days ago and by accident my aligner got thrown in the fire this evening.... READ MORE

Is invisalign safe to wear immediately after a front tooth root canal?

I only had 4 trays left of my invisalign round and had to have a sudden root canal because my nerves began dying on my front left tooth. I had the... READ MORE

Did I out trays on too early?

I been wearing my Invisalign not as long as I should have been. I'm on tray 6 but I switched after I put on tray 7 two days after my two weeks I... READ MORE

Trays in Warm Water?

I accidentally put my trays (15/15 on upper and 20/20 on lower) in warm water. I quickly put them back on (after 3-5 sec) & they felt snug. They... READ MORE

My Invisalign is not very tight. Should I be concerned?

I am on day 2 of invisalign and they fit not loosely but nothing feels like its changing. I am also using acceledent so each one I wear for one week... READ MORE

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