I Don't Know if I Messed Up my Invisalign Treatment?

I live in Idaho & my orthodontist lives in Maine. I switch out my trays every week. When I first got my invisalign I did really well with wearing them but now that I'm on tray 11 of 22 for my top I wear my trays about 14hours a day. Tray 10 was kind of tight but loosened, tray 11 was very tight when I put it on last night & my teeth hurt this morning. I took them out today & when I put them back in they were tighter than last night. Idk if I messed up my treatment or if this normal.

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Did I mess up my invisalign treatment.

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Couple concerns I see.  I do not know why you are only wearing your trays for a week,. normal usage is 2 weeks and that may be the reason your trays may not be fitting well.  You also need to wear them 22-24 hours not 14 hours per day.  Are your trays fitting flush against your teeth.  Call your dentist or visit one in Idaho and see what is going on

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Messing up Invisalign

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Were you instructed to wear them only a week. That in itself could be a reason the trays began to not fit. Then the 14 hours definitely hurt your progress more. It may actually have hurt you over all result and continuing on this path with out being checked out could move your teeth in the opposite direction you actually want.


ADVICE. do not advance. Possibly even go back in tot he tray that fits most flush around the majority of you teeth and go see your ortho or transfer to an new one bye you.


If you transfer I see the fee routinely being $150/mo. I would get recommitted or quit.

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