Can I change my Invisalign aligners if they are still tight after two weeks?

I'm on my first tray of Invisalign. My top aligners have been loose since the end of the first week. After 10 days, my bottom aligners are very loose on the side (the bottom even bend easily when I try to put them too fast, and then I have to bend them back to original form), but the front teeth still feel very tight when I put them on. Can I still switch to tray two in 4 days without risking messing with my whole treatment?

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When to Switch Aligners

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Considering that you are just starting your Invisalign treatment, it is quite normal for your teeth to feel tight especially if those particular teeth are crowded.  If your orthodontist instructed you to change the aligners every 14 days, then follow the recommendation.  If however when you switch to aligner #2 there is a fit issue, then contact your orthodontist as soon as possible.  Best of luck!

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