Is It Okay if the First Set of Aligners Don't Feel Tight?

I just got my first set of invisalign aligners. I've been repeatedly told that I may feel some tightness and soreness for the first three days but that the pain should reside as time goes by. Weirdly, I haven't felt any tightness or soreness (and it's not because my teeth adjusted to them, I've litterally just got them). And because of this, I'm worried that the aligners are not doing what they're suppose to. It is okay that my first set of aligners don't feel tight or sore at all?

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The answer is YES.  The first Invisalign aligners obviously fit well and that is good.  If your first aligners were very tight I would be concerned.

First Set Aligners Don't Feel Tight

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Mention it to your Dentist. The first set generally do not put major forces on any teeth yet. Also, every person's tolerance level varies tremendously. Don't worry. If the second set doesn't feel "tight" when they are inserted, then you might ask the dentist if he wants to "test" the tightness of set #3 at the same time.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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