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Advice for Decreasing Soreness from Invisalign?

My tongue is sore (like I burnt my tongue) from rubbing on the bottom tray. It's also sore on the bottom outside of my gums, in front. Is there... READ MORE

My Gums Are Red and Irritated Since I Started Wearing Invisalign, What Can I Do?

This is the 2nd day I am wearing invisalign. A part of my gums is red, irritated and sore. It looks like its bleeding but its not. What does this mean... READ MORE

The Tip of my Tongue Has Been Getting Sore As if It Has Burned Since I Have Started to Wear Invisalign Trays. Why?

The tip of my tongue has been very sore ever since I started to wear my trays. I feel like the the top part of my tongue is burned. Am I doing... READ MORE

Is Invisalign toxic?

Ok, so maybe im just panicking but I been wearing the product nearly 1 week now& aside from the sores in my mouth I've developed other side effects. I... READ MORE

Invisalign pain and speech problems causing a huge disruption to my every day life. Advice?

I am on week three (tray 2 started a three days ago) and I have been extremely dissatisfied with the whole experience. I have cuts and sores... READ MORE

To a dentist who actually wore Invisalign: 2nd week suffering mouth/tongue sores, constant and absurdly excessive salivation,

Lightly swollen upper gums, "itching" of the skin between the lower lip and chin (like when I had sinus allergy), everything exactly the same as the... READ MORE

Bleached my Invisalign tray, took it out 5 hours later and it was stained red permanently. Went to tray 2 after 10 days of use.

They were stained earlier so I bleached them with advice from internet, rinsed and placed back in, took them out 5 hours later with red/orange color.... READ MORE

1st tray out for 2 hours at one time on Day 11?

I'm on Day 12 of my first set of Invisalign trays. I have been consistently wearing them between 22 to 22.5 hours a day. Yesterday I wore them 20... READ MORE

My mouth feels like I have burned my tongue, and the inside of both my top and bottom lip. (photos)

I recently got my Invisalign 3 days ago. The first day I received them later that day my mouth was sore. I had cuts on my tongue on the sides and the... READ MORE

Told only a few attachments on the sides.They're on nearly all my teeth.Getting sores.Sharp. Difficult to eat. Options? (photos)

Is there anything at all that can be done at this point? This looks awful. My teeth aren't that crooked. I was told there would be a few attachments... READ MORE

Should I go back to a tray I skipped by mistake or wear the current tray an extra two weeks?

I am using Invisalign for jaw problems and mistakenly skipped a tray 2 weeks ago. I didn't notice until it was time to put in the next tray. My jaw... READ MORE

Can Invisalign pull off a cemented cap tooth? (Photo)

Hi, I recently (yesterday) got my clear correct aligners (Invisalign) and I have a cemented crown as my front tooth which I had put in place after a... READ MORE

Invisalign hurts my root canal. Any suggestions?

I got my Invisalign today. It hurts 25 where a root canal was done a year ago. The tooth was always sensitive as are all my teeth. I cant bite ice... READ MORE

Attachment without aligners? I worry that the attachments will cause sores.

For various complicated reasons I can only visit my orthodontist every 6-10 months during a 2 year treatment. I have just started and have 12 top... READ MORE

I lost my trays and found them again after a while. Is it ok to start where I left off?

I stopped wearing my Invisalign for about a year, honestly I thought I lost my remaining three trays in a move but my teeth were pretty straight since... READ MORE

I Am Having Extreme Facial/jaw/sinus Pain from my Invisalign, Normal?

I never take Advil or any kind of medicine unless I am very ill. Which is never. Maybe 8 Advil a year. I have had the Invisalign tray for one week and... READ MORE

Is invisalign safe to wear immediately after a front tooth root canal?

I only had 4 trays left of my invisalign round and had to have a sudden root canal because my nerves began dying on my front left tooth. I had the... READ MORE

Is a sore, tense jaw normal?

I'm only on day 2, but my jaw is already sore and tense because of the new position it's forced to be held in to correct my overbite. I'm also having... READ MORE

Can baby teethers help sooth sore teeth and gums during Invisalign treatment?

I heard from a dental assistant that chewing on cold baby teething rings can be helpful to sooth soreness from traditional braces. Would the same be... READ MORE

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