My Gums Are Red and Irritated Since I Started Wearing Invisalign, What Can I Do?

This is the 2nd day I am wearing invisalign. A part of my gums is red, irritated and sore. It looks like its bleeding but its not. What does this mean and how can i treat it?

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Gums are sore with invisalign

The invisalign tray should not be touching your gum.  I would call your dentists and ask them to file the tray down.  It may on happen with that tray, if not and it happens more often then the dentist may have to take a new impression and send the trays back

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Gums sore with Invisalign...

It seems like you've had a manufactoring error with your Invisalign aligners as they should not touch your gums at all.

I would take an emory board to the area of the aligner that is bothering you and smooth it out so it is not contacting your gums. The remaining plastic should still be enough to move your tooth predictably.

Mazyar Moshiri, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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