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HydraSolve is a form of liposuction that uses Tissue Liquefaction Technology and a specially designed cannula to liquefy and remove fat without damage to the other tissues. This technique is less forceful than other methods and generally requires less anesthesia and recovery time. HydraSolve may be especially effective if fat transfer is being performed with the harvested cells. Like traditional liposuction, HydraSolve is intended to improve body contour and is not meant to significantly reduce weight, cellulite, or sagging skin.

Reviews from the Community

Wanted Help Loosing Abdominal and Flank Fat - Fayetteville, NC

HydraSolve Lipoplasty: The Procedure took about 3 hours. Dr. Stokes told me they removed almost 3 liters of fat from my abdomen and flanks. There was minor bruising. The first day was bed rest. The most irritating thing to me was and currently is the compression garment. It can't come off for... READ MORE

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