YAG Laser Overview

Yag Laser Treatment Information
The YAG (often written Yag) laser is a form of cosmetic laser commonly used for anti-aging skin treatments.
  • The YAG laser resurfaces your skin to remove moderate facial wrinkles, surface scars, or splotchy skin discolorations.
  • Some, like the GentleYAG, may also be used in vein removal on legs or facial veins. 
  • YAG lasers have proven effective at destroying the pigment in hair follicles, thus are often used for laser hair removal
  • The YAG laser is considered "non-ablative", meaning that it does not cut or remove the top layer of your skin; instead, the laser penetrates the skin surface and the energy is absorbed by your skin tissue. 
  • YAG is an acronym for the components of the crystal: yttrium, aluminum, and garnet.
The YAG laser can be pulsed like the CO2 laser used for facial resurfacing.
  • When the laser is pulsing, called "Q-switched," the laser blasts the damaged or unwanted tissue away. The pulsing should lessen the heat on the skin, therefore reducing potential for damage. 
  • Some YAG lasers use a cooling spray simultaneously when the laser is heating the skin. One of these lasers is the CoolTouch 1320; it works by spraying the outer skin and sensitive nerve endings with a cooling liquid keeping the skin to 111ºF-118ºF
YAG laser skin resurfacing can help with wrinkles, skin tone and texture, but will not help with excess or sagging skin.

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