Top 10 Brazilian Butt Lift Videos to Help You Decide If a BBL Is Right For You

We could talk all day long about the pros and cons of getting a Brazilian butt lift (and we happily do!), but sometimes seeing is believing. Thankfully, RealSelf has plenty of videos to help you figure out if a BBL is right for you — including our highly viewed Brazilian butt lift video: “This Asian Patient Wanted a Big Butt and Was Not Disappointed:

*Treatment results may vary


*Treatment results may vary

We’ve rounded up a handful of similarly helpful videos to help you make an informed decision. In no particular order, here are the top five from our doctors and the top five straight from our community.

Top 5 From Our Doctors

  1. The Brazilian Butt Lift:

    *Treatment results may vary

    If you need a 101 on the BBL, listen to Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta’s input. 

  2. *Treatment results may vary

  3. Am I a Brazilian Butt Lift Candidate?:

    *Treatment results may vary

    Figure out if a BBL is right for you by asking yourself these questions from Dr. Matthew Schulman.

  4. *Treatment results may vary

  5. How to Make Butt Implant Rice Sizers For Your BBL:

    *Treatment results may vary

    Don’t get fooled by CCs. Try out these rice sizers so you know just how big a behind to have in mind.

  6. *Treatment results may vary

  7. Inside the Operating Room: Brazilian Butt Lift Demonstration With Fat Transfer:

    *Treatment results may vary

    Where does the volume come from for all that booty? Dr. Kenneth Hughes explains as he demonstrates a large volume fat transfer of 2000 cc per buttock and 360 cc per hip.

  8. *Treatment results may vary

  9. Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery: Why Are Compression Garments Important?:

    *Treatment results may vary

    They might not sound fun to wear but compression garments are an essential part of the BBL process. Dr. C. Bob Basu explains why.

  10. *Treatment results may vary

Top 5 From the RealSelf Community

  1. Massage after TT and BBL. ouch See what to expect when it comes to having your BBL massaged during post-op.
  2. Not Sponge Bob Butt anymore! This 42-year-old went from square and flat to round and curvy. See for yourself as she gives you a tour of her new bottom five days post-op.
  3. Middle age booty! 4 months PO Dra. Baez Dominican Republic, DO Watch as this RealSelfer shares videos of her BBL experience — one she says she wouldn’t repeat.
  4. Future Fisher Doll - Preparing For My BBL 10-07-14 One week post-op and this RealSelfer is already flaunting her new look.
  5. Throw dat ass in an octagon!!! Watch BBL results in motion in this video from an overjoyed BBL consumer five months post-op.

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