Non-surgical Nose Job Overview

A non-surgical nose job offers a less expensive alternative to a surgical nose job, aka rhinoplasty, and is also used for minor corrections after surgery. Dermal fillers are used for moderate shaping to straighten a crooked nose, camouflage a bump or hump, or fill an indentation. This is an off-label use, as injectable fillers are not FDA-approved for the nose. Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm Voluma are commonly used, with results lasting six to 18 months.

For those who desire a long-lasting result, Artefill is typically used. However, many doctors recommend temporary, hyaluronic acid based fillers instead, to avoid complications and because the results are reversible. Our faces change as we age but a permanent filler does not, and may look odd in later years.

Dermal fillers have the risk that the filler can enter or press on a blood vessel. The nose has many blood vessels, and blockage can lead to skin necrosis (death of the skin in that area). When considering a non-surgical nose job, be sure your provider is highly trained and experienced.

*Treatment results may vary

Karen Whitney, a physician assistant practicing with Dr. Jon Mendelsohn, talks about the non-surgical nose job.

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