Pain + Fat Transfer

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Can my Lip Fat Transfer Be Removed or Reduced?

I had a lip fat transfer 6 months ago, which I regret. Apart from taking on an overstuffed appearance, there are lumps/individual deposits of fat... READ MORE

Pain and Bruising 4 Months After Fat Transfer?

I am 4 months a 10 days from liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks. I received 1100 cc's in each cheek. My problem is that I fear that I... READ MORE

Fat Injection in Feet

I am a 32 year old male, and for work I need to be on my feet for about 10 hours a day, I have been doing this for some years now and it is starting... READ MORE

Lipo w/ Fat Transfer - Swelling and Indentations After Doctor Changed Procedure

I had lipo 6 mo. ago. i'd askd dr. to do abdomen & lower back. he suggested that i also get fat transfer into my buttocks. He told me after... READ MORE

2 Months Post Far Transfer to Butt and Still Have Pain?

I had lipos with fat transfer to butt about 2 months ago now and my but is still experiencing pain , dull achy.. and today my butt looks bigger than... READ MORE

My Feet Hurt on the Bottom. Will Injecting Fat To the Bottom Of My Feet Help This Problem?

My feet hurt on the bottoms, I get up either in the night or in the morning and I stagger till Im used to being on my feet, my feet hurt most during... READ MORE

Why Am I Feeling Pain a Month After my Fat Transfer to Butt?

5 wks postop & about a week ago I started feeling pain. All along the inside of my butt crack from top to bottom, on the left side, is HARD &... READ MORE

So Much Pain in my Left Buttock After Fat Transfer! Is This Normal?

I had liposuction all over ( tummy flanks belly back ) and fat transfer to buttocks. It's been two weeks since my surgery and I'm experiencing a lot... READ MORE

Numbness on Left Side After Fat Injection

A month ago+ I had a fat injections. My left side: cheeks, under eye area, upper lip feels numbed. In addition to that all mentioned areas feels... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Buttocks. How Painful/Extensive is This Experience?

Hi doctors, would highly appreciate any inputs. I am considering getting lipo on my tummy, inner and outer thighs and get the fat transferred to the... READ MORE

Painful Lump in the Butt?

In 2010 I went to a surgeon and had fat transfer. As a result I had a large mass in my butt that became infected. I was hospitalized and the area was... READ MORE

Do I have fat necrosis? (Photo)

I had a fat transfer to my hips 4wks ago. Healing was going well, up until a week ago the swelling on my left hip didn't go down like my right hip. As... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Under Eye a Year Ago and It's Hurting?

I had under eye surgery a year ago. He injected fat under my eyes to prevent the hollow look. My left side healed nice and no problems but my right... READ MORE

Lip swelling after fat grafting

Three weeks after facial fat grafting, I'm still swollen (which is fine I know) but my lips are still tender and sore. How long does this last? READ MORE

Fat transfer to my cheeks; when and what can I do to get my face back? (Photo)

I had fat injection 9 days ago .. so much pain and my face swelling has not changed for last 5 days . i need to remove this as i wil lose job. when... READ MORE

I had fat transfer to my lips and cheeks 3 days ago, and they are now more painful than day one. Is this normal? (Photo

Dear Doctor, I had a lip and cheek fat transfer 3 days ago and my cheeks and lips seem to be felling a bit sorer then the first day out of surgery. Is... READ MORE

Extreme swelling at fat transfer recipient site inner knee/thigh accompanied by extreme fever. Excruciating pain (Photo)

I had surgery on Mon 9 2015. On Wed 11 I began developing excruciating throbbing pain at the fat injection site and it soon spread throughout the... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Instead of Liposuction? (photo)

I had liposuction from one doctor, 2nd doctor I only consented to lipo & told him I did not want fat transfer, still transferred fat into my thigh... READ MORE

What are my best options to get rid of my eye bags/hollowness? Do fat transfers last & what about lumps? (Photo)

I am 52 years old & want to do something about my eyes. I have been to a few consultations. My options are Restylane, Belotero, Transjunctional... READ MORE

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