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Permanent, Non-surgical Treatment for Fat Transfer Overfill Under Eyes?

Nine years ago I had fat transfer multiple times under eyes. Initially it was to fill in the sunken look (and was overfilled)and then to correct the... READ MORE

I had fat transfer to my face, too much fat was put in and face is too round. Can it be removed? (Photo)

I had a fat transfer to my face and way to much fat was put in. I did this 8 months ago. I was filled with so much fat to the middle of my cheeks all... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Lips? Does It Look Like a Lip Lift Was Done? (photo)

I had a fat transfer surgery to my face done back in 2009 (eyelids, temples, and lips) and after surgery my whole mouth area was too swollen to tell... READ MORE

Five Years Ago I Had Fat Grafts to Fill Under Eye Area. Can It Be Removed?

The area was over filled, has not dissipated and looks very distorted. READ MORE

8 Days Ago I Had Fat Transferred into my Lips and I Don't Like It, How Can I Even it Out?

8 days ago I had fat transferred into my lips and I don't like it. I lost my signature smile and don't even look like myself. Is there... READ MORE

Excision of Fat Graft Overfill?

I had fat grafting to my cheeks approxmiately 2 years ago which ended up a bad case of overfill. I believe there are 4 ways to handle this situation :... READ MORE

What if the Doctor Transferred Too Much Fat in Your Face? How Can This Be Corrected?

What if the Doctor Transferred Too Much Fat in Your Face?  How Can This Be Corrected? READ MORE

Zeltiq Can It Be Use on my Face to Melt my Fat Transfer?

I had fat injected into my face almost 1 1/2 years ago. The doctor not only overfilled my whole face he also filled more on my left side than right... READ MORE

I Had Fat Injection to my Face 7 Weeks Ago, I was Overfilled Under my Eyes, What Should I do?

I had fat injection to my face 7 weeks ago. My face is round and fat and I look older. I hate how I look. Will my face go down more or I need to have... READ MORE

Doctor That Specializes in Correction of Fat Graft Overfill?

Does anyone know of or have experience with doctors that specialize in correction of fat graft overfill to the cheek area?  I'm willing to... READ MORE

Five years after, fat transfer extreme overfill under eye sausages need surgical removal, seeking LA surgeon? (photo)

Details: 1. Floricil 5, kenalog 20/30/40 injects have worked to reduce the volume but at the cost of atrophy and pigment lose in the right tear trough... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to Nasiolabial Area was Overfilled, Will Any of it Reabsorb?

Two months ago I received fat grafting to the nasolabial area - the CORNERS only, as the folds were nearly non-existent. Ever since the surgery, the... READ MORE

How to prevent fat absorption after fat transfer to lips?

I had fat transferred to my lips a couple of days ago, and they're great! They have obviously been overfilled to prepare for fat absorption, and I am... READ MORE

Had LFT Done on my Cheeks in 2006. I Hate Them: I'm a 56yr Old Male and They Were Overdone.

I have waited 5 yrs hoping my cheeks would diminish a little. As I get older my cheeks actually look worse or bigger to me. What is my best solution? READ MORE

Transjunctival Blepharoplasty Fat Graft. How to Remove Overfilled Fat?

I had pearl fat transferred under lower eyelids to correct hollowness over a year ago. My surgeon overfilled so now I have puffy pockets under and in... READ MORE

Fat graft removal? (Photo)

I had fat grafting done in Oct of 2014. The doctor overfilled my eyebrows. We didn't discuss adding fat there & I absolutely hate how it looks. My... READ MORE

Fat transfer to cheeks 8 months PO, ended up with overfill. Will facelift help? (photo)

I've had fat transfer to my both cheeks and temple areas 8 month ago and ended up with bad case of overfilled.There's a huge lump on my left temple... READ MORE

When is the best time to dissolve overfill Fat grafting?

I had fat grafting 2 weeks ago, so far so good accept one little tiny part of my left cheel that is I feel overfilled. I am not sure if it is sweeling... READ MORE

Fat grafting for under eye area 3 days ago. Is it overfilled? Will it go down? (Photo)

I told my doctor that i want a natural look and he agreed. First he said that he will overfill the area a little bit because some of the fat will die.... READ MORE

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