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Fat Injections on the Nose?

Is it safe to inject fat on the nose? Does it last for a long time? What are the best methods? READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Long Term Results?

I am interested in fat transfer in between my nose and mouth and below my cheekbones jawline area. Will fat stay permanent or last for a long time in... READ MORE

Fat Injections Instead of Fillers to Improve Nose Shape?

I had 2 Rhinoplasty surgeries. In revision, I used rib cartilage for nose tip. Those surgeries left some irregularities on my skin, on the side of the... READ MORE

Fat Transfer into the Nose After Rhinoplasty?

I wasn't real happy with my primary rhinoplasty because I ended up having a low spot on the right side post op. My surgeon recommended having... READ MORE

Fat Grafting on Lower Eyelids and Rhinoplasty at the Same Time?

Is it possible to do neoplasty (rhinoplasty) surgery and Fat grafting to the lower eyelids at the same time? I've heard that your eyelids get swollen... READ MORE

In Lieu of Rhinoplasty, Can Fat Be Transfered from the Nose?

Hi! I just gave birth going on 6 years ago and during my pregnancy, my skin and body underwent changes. One of the changes was my nose stretched clear... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon Who Removes Injected Fat from the Nose?

Do you know of any plastic surgeon who has removed injected fat from the nose? READ MORE

Can I Have a Fat Transfer to my Nose?

Thanks to an IPL gone wrong, not only is my face now devoid of fat...but my nose is losing all shape and is devoid of a bulbous tip. Is there any... READ MORE

Is Autogenous Adult Stem Cell Fat Graft for the Nose Available Yet?

Dear doctors, my question is about the autogenous adult stem cell mixed fat graft procedure. Does this kind of treatment work for nasal augmentation... READ MORE

Need Correct Advice for My Nose and Nasolabial Folds? (photo)

From past three years these lines called nasolabial folds on my face can be observed and due that a depressions on my nose is formed.What about going... READ MORE

6 days post op of Facial Fat Transfer, my cheeks are big and have spaces between my lips and nose. Is this normal?

Sorry for my insistance, but my face today is even worse than yesterday. I've done facial fat transfer 6 days ago and yesterday I had to be outdoor... READ MORE

Fat transfer to face? Is it true that the fat will sag more and accumulate in the lower face with age?

I am 25, asian, and I am looking for more volume in my cheek, forehead, and a more prominent nose and chin. Would fat transfer be ideal for me if I... READ MORE

Fat Transfer around the nose and chin area - how safe is it? (Photo)

I have lost a lot of fat on my cheeks , all around the mouth and the chin after radio frequency. This make my face look long and when i smile very odd... READ MORE

Can fat graft to my nose be done to get fuller, bigger, and higher nose?

I had a rinoplasty 2 years ago for my crooked nose and to enlargeit as it was2 small , dr use diced ribcartigale and result was nice , my nose got... READ MORE

Can a fat transfer help to fill a gap between nose and cheek? (not the smile lines)

It looks really very bad when I smile and I don't know the proper term for the problem.I have nasolabial folds too and the gap is formed due to smile... READ MORE

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