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Lumps Under Eyes After Fat Transfer

I had fat transfer under my eyes over a year ago. The plastic surgeon overfilled this area and now I am left with bumps under my eyes. He has tried... READ MORE

I did a fat transfer in the face but something went wrong? (Photos)

I did fat transfer, but even now that has passed 2 years I still feel the under eyes area swollen and hard with uneven bumps. What can I do now? What... READ MORE

Bumps and Cannula Marks After Fat Grafting

Finally I got my media inner thighs filled with fat from my tummy, they look bumpy and full of cannula marks. Uh Ugly, will this marks go away with... READ MORE

Will the Bumpiness Go Away from the Fat Transfer to my Nasolabial Folds?

I had a fat transfer to my nasolabial folds 2 weeks ago. I noticed it felt bumpy after the procedure and was told that this is normal. It still feels... READ MORE

I Had Fat Transfers on my Marionette Lines and Two Months Later Are Very Uneven Bumps?

How long should this take before the lumps flatten out and look normal. It has also created a ribbon like grove that runs from the base of my chin to... READ MORE

Facial fat transfer to cheeks 3 weeks ago. One side almost all absorbed, other has 3 raised larger areas. Do I have a problem?

I have a skin autoimmune and lost cheek volume due to stress and illness. Absorbed Restylane quickly, Radiesse left bumps, Sculptra didn't work and Dr... READ MORE

After a year overgrown fat grafting?

About a year ago i did fat grafting to my cheeks. A year later it looks.like two.bumps have developed near my temple. I went back to surgeon and he... READ MORE

Fat grafting for under eye area 3 days ago. Is it overfilled? Will it go down? (Photo)

I told my doctor that i want a natural look and he agreed. First he said that he will overfill the area a little bit because some of the fat will die.... READ MORE

Is it normal to have lumps under eyelids after fat graft?! (photos)

I wrote to you guys 3 weeks ago. We are now at 4.5 half weeks into healing. I still have the lumps under my eyelids from the fat graft. I spoke to my... READ MORE

Can Fat Grafting cause more bumps after a bad smart lipo?

I had smart lipo a year ago to my back upper thighs, and near the scar incision I was left with a really small bump on both legs. could Fat grafting... READ MORE

How do I get back the periorbital fullness I lost via weight loss and how much does it cost? (photos)

How do I get the look in these photos? My eyelids used to be a lot fuller, but now they look more sunken in. I know this feature is critical for a... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for fat grafting? (photos)

I'm 27 and I feel I have under eye bags little bumps under my eyes. I was thinking of fat grafting. I'm scared since I have never got any procedure... READ MORE

Will I get better and longer results with Fat Transfer Pull threw my lips vs fat injections? (photos)

Will I get better and longer results with Fat Transfer Pull threw my lips vs fat injections ? I know the body absorbs the fat , Will it cause bumps in... READ MORE

Bad liposuction in abdomen 6 years ago. Uneven lumps & bumps. I'm getting fat grafting in a week, any precautions? Tips? (Photo)

I am getting a revision lipo with fat grafting after 6 years of uneven lipo and bumbs fibrosis and lumbs in abdomen area. The doctor said she will... READ MORE

Fat grafting? Lower blepharoplasty, mid facelift? (Photos)

I tried fillers for my undereyes 2 times and every time was a desaster. My skin is too thin and bumps are showing. I'd love to have a perfectly smooth... READ MORE

Will the little bumps soften with time? And, at what stage will the fat that doesn't gain a supply start to dissipate?

I had a fat transfer to my calf 3 weeks ago. My right calf was 3 cms smaller so I wanted to try and even them up. The fat transfer was a PRP fat... READ MORE

One month after fat transfer to cheeks, I still have some raised spots and other spots look indented. Is this normal?

It looks better than before I did it, but I still have bumps and areas that look like indentations. What can I do to correct this? I have several big... READ MORE

2 months post-op suture lift with own fat filler throughout my face - Prague .

I think the surgery went well but i have bumps and swelling still under my eyes. I was told after several weeks to start massaging under my eyes and... READ MORE

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