10 Days Post-op + Fat Transfer

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How to Treat the Lump on Breast After the Fat Transfer?

I have done a fat transfer to breast 10 days ago, however, i noticed an obvious lump on my left breast while the right breast is not so serious. It... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Temples Too Much? (photo)

Had fat transfer to face (cheeks/temples). Pics show me today, 11 days post-op. Was excited for first couple of days post-op but now starting to get... READ MORE

Under Eye Hard Lump 10 Days After Cheek and Under Eye Fat Transfer with a Bruise Underneath, is It Permanent?

I had fat grafting to my under eye and cheek area as I was suffering from eye bulging and flat cheeks. I am 10 days post op, right side of my face... READ MORE

Should you massage lumps from fat transfers as soon as possible or wait to see if they reabsorb on their own?

I had fat graft to my lower eyelid area and to my lips 10 days ago. I have a small bump under one eye and one on my upper lip as well as a hard ridge... READ MORE

How Much Swelling is Normal After Buttocks Fat Grafting?

I had buttocks fat grafting performed 10 days ago, with breast aug, large volume lipo to arms, abs, flanks, innner, outer thighes and knees. How much... READ MORE

Can Fat Transfer Migrate? (photo)

I am 10 days post op for corrigator resection with fat transfer to frown lines and above upper lip. I now have a large lump above each eye towards the... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Buttocks and Looks Flat?

I recently receives 1050 cc's fat transfer to my butt about 9 days ago. The doctor explained that when he was injecting the fat, my skin was so... READ MORE

My butt feels hard on the side post-fat transfer. Is this normal?

I had fat transfer to my butt and calves. The butt is feeling hard on the side is that normal? My ankles are swelling but I am not standing or sitting... READ MORE

I am worried about my facial fat graft recovery. Will a soft bump on the cheek kill my fat after 9 days from the surgery date?

Hi. I'm recovering from face fat grafting that I had 10 days ago. The process is going well. I think I'll have a nice result. Last night my husband &... READ MORE

Upper Eye Lid Drooping Post Surgery?

I had PRP fat graft 9 days ago for lower eye lid retraction post plephroplasty Surprising my lower eye lid retraction is corrected but I have new... READ MORE

I'm 11days Post Op Fat Transfer of Stomach, Flanks, & Inner Thighs to Butt. Is It Too Soon to Wear Heels?

I feel fine but I'm supposed to wait 14 days before sitting so I plan on minimal sitting just want to go out to a party or club or a few hours to get... READ MORE

Extreme swelling at fat transfer recipient site inner knee/thigh accompanied by extreme fever. Excruciating pain (Photo)

I had surgery on Mon 9 2015. On Wed 11 I began developing excruciating throbbing pain at the fat injection site and it soon spread throughout the... READ MORE

10 days after Fat Grafted to cheeks I have a lump under my right eye, will this go away?

2005 had fat removed from under eyes and look great, liked the results. 10 days ago had fat grafted to cheeks because left cheek was smaller. Dr.... READ MORE

How Long Will my Undereyes Remain Pink After Fat Injection Surgery?

My eyes aren't hurting but they are still pink. It is 10 days out and I did apply powder makeup last evening but had it off within a few hours. How... READ MORE

Had Facial Fat Transfer 10 Days to Help Hollow Under Eye Ago Don't Look Any Different?

Hi I had upper eyelid surgery and upper facial fat transfer to help rejuvenate hollow eyes 10 days ago ,the swelling bruising gone look same as before... READ MORE

10 days post op fat graft, I have all these little lumps under eyelids. Is this normal? (photos)

I had fat grafting 10 days ago for mybsunken eyes and the little lumps seem to have gotten worse. It actually looked better the day after and u can c... READ MORE

9 days post op Fat transfer to upper and bottom lip. My lips look unnatural. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm 9 days out and I am very afraid it looks very unnatural I feel like a duck it's very noticeable can anything be done and if so what please help me... READ MORE

I just had a fat transfer around the eyes 10 days ago. My face is very oily. Does this mean I'm losing the fat in my face?

I just noticed the past couple of days that I have been having very oily face? Does that mean I'm losing the fat in my face? What can I do to balance... READ MORE

Visible ridge after Fat Transfer to tear trough. What to do? Help!

I had a fat transfer to my tear troughs 9 days ago. As of 2 days ago, I developed a hardened area just below where I would've expected the fat to have... READ MORE

Treatment of hard nodule after fat transfer to neck.

I had a fat transfer (FT) procedure done 1.5 weeks ago to fill in a concavity in my upper neck because of too much liposuction done to that area.... READ MORE

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