Facelift Videos

Neck Rejuvenation: Least Invasive to Most Invasive Options Explained

Dr. R. Brannon Claytor outlines the various options for neck rejuvenation, starting from the least invasive up to the most invasive available procedures. VIEW NOW

Facelift: The Doctor Answers Common Questions About the Procedure

Dr. Bernard Salameh discusses the facelift procedure, who is a good possible candidate for the procedure, as well as non-surgical alternatives to the standard facelift. VIEW NOW

Oxygenetix: Breathable Foundation To Wear After Your Surgery or Treatment

Emily de St. Pierre, a medical aesthetician at Dr. Kent Hasen's office, explains the benefits of Oxygenetix foundation to safely help camouflage and conceal on every skin type, even recovering post-procedural skin or sensitive skin. VIEW NOW

Facelift Before & Afters: Natural Results for Complete Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Warwick Nettle explains what a facelift surgery entails and shares an array of before and after images of actual patients to demonstrate the benefits of the procedure. VIEW NOW

Facelift Before & After: Making 50 the New 30

Dr. Guillermo Koelliker shares these before and after results of his patient, Jan, 10 days after her surgery. Her facelift included upper and lower eyelid lifts, a temporal forehead lift, and a neck lift. VIEW NOW

Natural Looking Facial Rejuvenation: Looking Refreshed vs. Different

Dr. Kent V. Hasen explains a few different techniques to achieve natural looking facial rejuvenation. VIEW NOW

Facelift 101: What Types of Facelift Procedures Are Available?

There are many descriptions and marketing terms for facelifts, which can make understanding any facelift procedure confusing. In this video, Dr. Pacifico clearly describes the different facelift procedures without the gimmicks. VIEW NOW

Facial Aging: Learn What Changes Your Face Undergoes Over Time

Dr. Marc Pacifico discusses how the face changes with the aging process, which explains why plastic surgeons recommend certain procedures. VIEW NOW

Facelift 101: How to Maintain Your Facelift Results

Dr. Marc Pacifico shares some options aimed to get your facelift results to last as long as possible, so you get the most out of your procedure. VIEW NOW

Facelift 101: How to Avoid a Poor Result

Dr. Marc Pacifico believes that a natural appearance should be the goal of all facelifts, but poor outcomes can occur. In this video, Dr. Pacifico explains what results in a "bad" facelift and how to achieve optimal results. VIEW NOW

Facelift 101: What Is the SMAS?

Dr. Marc Pacifico explains what the SMAS area is. This layer of the face is the key to addressing facial aging and is the underlying basis of the modern facelift. VIEW NOW

The Advantages of Wide Awake Facelifts

Dr. Marc Pacifico explains how facelifts can be performed under local anesthetic, allowing you to be wide awake through surgery. In this video, Dr. Pacifico discusses both the pros and cons to this approach. VIEW NOW


Av Overview on the Facelift Procedure

Dr. Edward Ricciardelli discusses what happens during a facelift, as well why the most important aspect is volumizing the mid-face. The facelift also tightens the jawline, cheek area, and neck. VIEW NOW

The Benefits of Facial Fat Transfers with Stem Cells

Dr. Jack Peterson discusses the benefits of fat transfer procedures with stem cells. VIEW NOW

Facelift Recovery: How Long Until I Can Undergo Facial Skin Treatments?

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a question about timing of skin treatments after a facelift. He explains that longer intervals are needed for more extensive deep plane lifts than short scar procedures, and some are done with surgery. VIEW NOW