Facelift Videos

Facelift Options for Men and Women

Dr. Shaun Parson explains the differences in benefits of getting a facelift for both men and women. VIEW NOW

Benefits of Tumescent Anesthesia for a Facelift

Dr. Benjamin Caughlin explains how some patients can benefit from having their surgery done without general anesthesia. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Walks Us Through a Mini Lift Procedure

Dr. Dilip Madnani performs a mini lift on this 50-year-old woman done under local anesthesia. She went back to work in 5 days after the operation. VIEW NOW

Facial Rejuvenation: Fat Injections to the Lower Lids (GRAPHIC)

Dr. P. Daniel Ward shares this video of a woman getting fat injections as part of her facial rejuvenation. The fat injections were done in combination with a facelift to give her a natural result. VIEW NOW

How a Facelift Can Reverse Signs of Aging

Dr. Raj Ambay explains how a facelift can reverse signs of aging and how the procedure is performed. VIEW NOW

This Woman Shares Her Mini Facelift and Neck Lift Results

Dr. Kimberley O'Sullivan shares this video of a patient who shares her results after the procedure. VIEW NOW

This 73-Year-Old Woman Gets a Facelift Tune-Up After 10 Years

Dr. Koelliker shares these before and after results of this 73-year-old woman who had a forehead lift, upper and lower eyelid lift, a SMAS lower face lift, and neck lift. VIEW NOW

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Facelift Makeover: 60 Is the New 40

Dr. Koelliker shares these before and after results of this 60-year-old woman who had a facial makeover. Her procedure included a forehead lift, eye lift, lower face lift, neck lift, and lip enhancement. VIEW NOW

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See the Procedure: Liposuction of the Neck and Jowls (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Gilbert Lee just performed incisionless skin tightening using the Inmode SkinTite RFAL system. In order to further define the jawline he now performs a small amount of liposuction to the jowls and below the neck. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Option for a Facelift: Learn About the Liquid Facelift

Dr. Jennifer Trent explains the non-surgical liquid facelift procedure, live with RealSelf at ASDS 2016. VIEW NOW

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InstaLift: How It Can Provide an Instant Facelift

Live from New Orleans at ASDS 2016, Dr. Robert Weiss explains how the InstaLift procedure works to give an instant facelift-like lift. VIEW NOW

InstaLift: Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment

Dr. Amy Taub talks about the InstaLift procedure as an alternative to a conventional facelift surgery, live in New Orleans at ASDS 2016. VIEW NOW

When Is It Time for a Facelift?

Dr. George Volpe describes what a facelift is and how it rejuvenates the face. It also discusses the timing of performing a facelift. VIEW NOW

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Is a Facelift Painful?

Dr. Mark Glasgold asks his patients if the procedure and recovery were painful following a deep plane facelift. VIEW NOW

See the Before & After of This Man's Facelift Surgery

Dr. David Santos performs a facelift procedure with local anesthesia and oral sedation with a focus on delivering rejuvenation and tightening in the neck area. VIEW NOW