Watery Eyes + Eyelid Surgery

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How can this bleph surgery be corrected, please? (Photo)

It has now been a full month since my Blep surgery. I have included before and after pictures and seek your professional opinion. My incisions are too... READ MORE

Watery, Swollen Eyes After Lower Eyelid Bleroplasty

I had surgery one week ago and my eyes have watered ever since. On day 6 the right eye began looking as though it has some kind of watery bulge to it... READ MORE

Watering Eyes (Eyelid Tightening)?

In the case of excessive tearing ( not due to any blockages ) what exactly does " retightening of the eyelids " to inprove tear pump action involve ?... READ MORE

I'm 3 Weeks Post Op from Bleph Both Up & Down, Now It's Tearing Continually, is This Normal?

My right eye is just pouring tears 24/7 for last 2 weeks, it's very hard to see , blurry all the time. I have already been checked by my PS and my... READ MORE

14 Weeks After Upper and Lower Bleph, My Eyes Still Won't Close in the Corners and Cause my Eyes to Water All the Time?

I had a bad reaction to steroids and also had chemosis until last week. But I have large gaps in the corners of my eyes and they look very red round... READ MORE

My eye won't stop water ever since I had my ptosis eye surgery?

It's been 4 months since my eye surgery, and since October, every night my eye waters like crazyyyyyyy. And when I wake up the next day, my upper lid... READ MORE

My eye specialist has recommended bilateral lateral canthoplasty surgery. Is this procedure likely to fix my watery eyes?

I suffer from dry eyes and they are continually tearing up which is embarrassing because I have to wipe the eyes with a clean handkerchief.I am 78 yoa... READ MORE

I have Bells Palsy. My right eyelid has puffy excess skin and my eye is smaller. Can surgery be done to take out excess skin?

Can an Oculoplastic surgeon remove excess skin on my eyelid. I also have excessive watering in that eye. Can tear-duct surgery be done to help this? READ MORE

Since surgery of upper & lower lid, Sept 2010 I have suffered intense sensitivity to the light, especially when I first wake up.

 Also, at night when I close my eyes to sleep my right eye waters non stop, its as if I turn on a faucet as I close my eyes. Its extremely... READ MORE

My right eye is bigger than my left eye and is mostly watering how can i treat it? (photos)

"My right eye is bigger than my left eye and is mostly watering and also when i was born doctors said that when i will be 14 or 15 years old i will... READ MORE

My left lower eye lid feels hard to the touch while the right eye had more watery bag which is getting better?

I'm worried that it will not go away. It's been little over 3 weeks. I was told is deep tissue that's swollen. READ MORE

Will my eyes ever look normal again? What can be done? (photos)

I had upper & lower (transconjunctival) blepharoplasty & a temporal brow lift 6 mos ago. My right eye is droopier and doesn't look normal to... READ MORE

2 weeks post op upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplstry), my right is a lot swollen and watery. Is this normal?

Since surgery my right eye is a lot more swollen and continually waters all the time is this normal READ MORE

I have crepey skin on my lower eyelids. Any recommendations?

I have crepe skin on my lower eye lids. I think it's from a result of constantly rubbing my eyes due to blocked tear ducts, watery eyes, and allergy... READ MORE

Swelling and drainage 3 weeks post op upper blepharoplasty. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had upper blepharoplasty on may 26th. I still had a substantial amount of bruising and swelling all over.3 weeks later I have swelling in the lower... READ MORE

Watery eye after eyelid surgery. What should I do? (Photo)

9 days post upper and lower blep. Still have side stitches in, seeing my ocular plastic surgeon in 2 days to have them out. Left eye healing much... READ MORE

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