Tear Duct + Eyelid Surgery

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Lacrimal Tear Gland Has Fallen out of the Orbit and into the Eyelids

, What causes this to happen? I was wondering if it could be from a car wreck I was involved in, (from the impact)? And should I seek surgery to... READ MORE

February Eyelid Surgery Ruined my Eyes: How Long Before I Can Have a Revision?

One lid had too much skin taken causing hematoma and now hangs low.also have a twisted tear duct causing liquid to pool in eye,with unnecessary 1/4... READ MORE

Tear Pump Failure After Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty, What Should I do?

I have a problem with watering eyes following upper eyelid blepharoplasty ( now 6 months after ), especially when outside with breezes of wind. I am... READ MORE

Excessive Tearing 3 Months Post-op Eyelid Surgery, How Can I Make it Stop?

3 months after surgery,I started experiencing excessive tearning in both eyes.My surgeon was an Opthamologist.I have been seeing another opthamoligist... READ MORE

Getting Worse 14 Months After Blepharoplasty, Is Revision an Option? (photo)

Went to an occuoplastic surgeon after 14 months of misery - he told me that my lower lids were loose and though my tear ducts were producing tears,... READ MORE

Is There Any Other Way to Open The Tear Gland Without a Surgery? (photo)

I have a swell on both eyes, I went to the eye clinic to check and the doctor said my tear gland was blocked and needed to be opened but as I live in... READ MORE

Tear Build Up 1 Month After Bletharplasty- Blocked Tear Duct?

I had upper and lower bletharplasty done approx 4 weeks ago. Right after procedure I noticed that tears were accumulation in the corner of my right... READ MORE

What is wrong with my eyes? Why don't they look level? (Photo)

I have noticed recently that my eyes are not quite level and this shows a lot in photos. I have lost quite a bit of fat in my body and unfortunately... READ MORE

Swollen Tear Duct Resulting from Scleral Show After Blepharolasty

I am 7 weeks after upper and lower blepharoplasy. I developed scleral show right after the surgery, though not extreme. I am taping the eye, and it... READ MORE

Can you remove a chalazion on the lower eyelid, right next to the tear duct if you have keloids/ hypertrophic scars?

I'm really worried because I have a chalazion on my lower eyelid near the tear duct, basically on the waterline of the eye, and if I have to have... READ MORE

Deep Grooves in Eye Area. Possible Solutions? (photo)

I have deep grooves in my eye area starting from my tear duct line and going downwards.These grooves have been present since i have been old enough to... READ MORE

Would Medial Epicanthoplasty Resolve My Issue?

Blocked Tear Duct Treatment: Surgery to eliminate the obstruction of the tear duct or to create a new tear duct. Would medial epicanthoplasty resolve... READ MORE

Can you help me find a plastic surgeon with the experience and skills to correct my eyelid? (Photo)

I have had multiple grafts due to skin cancer, the radiation therapy shrunk the grafts to a point where my eyelid will not close completely. My tear... READ MORE

Close-set eyes: Can the area in the inner tear duct corners of the eye (medial palpebral ligament) be filled or fattened?

Like the girl in the picture below I have very thin skin over the medial palpebral ligament, which is normally invisible in most people. Her... READ MORE

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty in January. I am still suffering from severe dry eyes and am incapacitated. What happened?

I put in eye ointment every hour or I have severe headaches and get keratitis. I use a tube a day. I've had permanent plugs put in my tear ducts. I am... READ MORE

Excess skin inner eye corner? (Photo)

I have this fold over my inner tear duct and I'd like to get rid off it, it makes me look more tired. Is there a procedure for this & what causes... READ MORE

Change in eye shape? (photos)

My eyes are very small and I don't have much of an inner tear duct. I am wondering what/if I can do about it? I would like it to extend more for a... READ MORE

I have a small spot on my Lacrimal Canaliculi. What can I do to make it go away? (photo)

It does not hurt or anything but is an annoyance. I have tried putting a hot compress on it but I don't know what else can be done? I only recently... READ MORE

Is there any procedure to hide excessively visible tear ducts and dents under eyes? (Photo)

Im 21 and I have tried everything. It is genetic. Wondering about debt under one eye and reshaping inner eye corner to look more generic as apposed to... READ MORE

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