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I Just Had Double Eyelid Surgery but Why Don't I Have a Crease? (photo)

It's been a week since my double eyelid surgery and I just had my stitches removed today. I do not see any sort of crease at all. Is that normal?... READ MORE

I'm Seeing no Improvement 1 Week Post Eye Ptosis Surgery, Is there Hope it Will Improve? (photo)

Hi, I've started noticing my ptosis at the age of 6. Actually my parents friends started noticing, we didnt. And now at the age of 32 I decided to... READ MORE

Im 21 Years Old and I Had Ptosis in my Left Eye After Giving Birth?

Im 21 years old and after having my 3 year old daughter I noticed my eye was droopy and it stayed like that ..A week ago I got ptosis eye surgery and... READ MORE

I Got Upper Blepharoplasty 10 Days Ago to Fix my Droopy Eyelids? (photo)

I'm twenty years old, and the sutures which are now supposed to be the creases are failing to lift my eyelid. So my eyes look exactly the same only... READ MORE

Still Have Folds of Skin Under Eyes 30 Days After Eyelid Surgery (photo)

When my eyes are at rest, they look OK, though not much improved from before. When I smile, I still get folds of skin under my eyes, not just wrinkle... READ MORE

6 Months Post Blepharoplasty- Results Are Lacking And Redness Remains. Normal?

I had lower blepharoplasty surgery in July (6 months ago) and not only have I not seen any progress with the lines/bags under my eyes, but I've... READ MORE

Remaining Eye Bags 3 Weeks After Traditional Lower Bleph? (photo)

Had a lot more bruising on right eye,had 2 numbing injections in the right, would this cause it to heal slower.Dont think right eye looks any better... READ MORE

Eye Chalazion on my Upper Eye Crease and Had Two Surgeries But They Couldn't Remove it?

It's been probably 6 years now. Is there any other way to make it less? READ MORE

No Result 1-week After Ptosis Surgery. Would I See Improvement Down the Road?

Had ptosis repair a week ago. The night of the surgery my eyes looked bigger than pre-op & more like when I was younger, but since then they look... READ MORE

Do I Need a Revision For My Eyelid Ptosis Surgery? (photo)

I had ptosis surgery performed about 3 1/2 months ago to my right eye, during the whole healing process my eye looked exactly the same as before, the... READ MORE

Did my Surgeon "Miss"?

I had fat grafting in tear troughs and nasal labial lines 4 days ago along with an upper bleph. So far Im healing well. I have noticed on one side of... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery Problem?

I had two eyelid surgeries but both failed(both eyelids are not symmetrical),doctor removed too much skin from eyelid during my second eyelid surgery... READ MORE

3 Months and 5 Days After Ptosis of Eyelid Surgery, I Am Still Not Seeing Any Result?

Before 3 months as in the post i did the surgery , and i am very sad .. I am following all the topics about this surgery and all the comments of you... READ MORE

13 months po lower FL/upper bleph, fat grafts, and all procedures failed, but PS doesn't know why. What can I do? (Photo)

I am back again. It has been 13 months, and I value all the advice so far, thank you. I had lower FL upper lower blephs Fat grafts to lips and... READ MORE

How difficult would it be to correct this dreadful blepharoplasty, and what would it entail? (Photos)

I had bilateral blepharoplasty 2 1/2 months ago, which resulted in an extra crease in my right eyelid. The surgeon did a 'touch-up', which didn't... READ MORE

No results after lower lid transconjunctival blepharoplasty. Any suggestions?

I had a bleph on 1/23/14. The procedure was to fill in hollowness under my eyes that were causing very dark circles. After the initial swelling went... READ MORE

Unilateral Swelling after upper blepharoplasty day 12 no improvement at all (Photo)

12 days Post op. Growing concerned about my left eyelid as the swelling does not seem to be subsiding at all. I know Im early in the recovery process... READ MORE

Lower eyelid surgery. Don't see any result. Any suggestions?

Had a lower eyelid surgery done last week. Wanted to get rid of wrinkles under my eyes. My doctor says it will improve. Will the final result really... READ MORE

Lower eyelid surgery. Don't see any result. Any suggestions? (Photo)

Had a lower eyelid surgery done last week. Wanted to get rid of wrinkles under my eyes. My doctor says it will improve. Will the final result really... READ MORE

I had surgery to repair my left eyelid on July 8th 2016 and it feels as if there's no improvement. (Photo)

How long before I see some major improvement? How long before I can Play Sports or wash my eyelid gently? Although I am not sure if it has healed... READ MORE

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